Doeren: Pack Must Be Ready For BC

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Boston College.

Dave Doeren

Opening Statement:
The game obviously didn’t go the way that we anticipated. Clemson played a really good football game. I know it’s my responsibility, our coaches responsibility and our players responsibility to coach and play to the best of our ability. We had crowd noise all week. We’re the youngest team in college football and we acted like it for the first team.

We got hit in the face early. The first play was wide open and they tipped it. We went three and out on offense and it started progressing from there. Defensively, we don’t stop them on third down twice and we don’t when we could’ve. All of a sudden, both sides are starting to press.

Against a team like Clemson, in my opinion, they have the best defense in our conference. You can’t give up big plays and you have to do exactly what you’re supposed to do. Follow the plan; execute it as fast as you can. If it’s not good enough, it’s not good enough. We got away from doing what we do.

It’s a great learning experience. Obviously, the last thing we want to put on film is something like that. Probably the two worst games we have had since I’ve been here was last year at Florida State and at Clemson this year. With the crowd noise it’s tough. We really need to do a better job of lock in and focus and start better. Obviously, that helps quiet the crowd.

We put ourselves in a tough position. We had good meetings yesterday and we’re going to get back on track. We just need to learn from a tough experience, watch the film and understand it. Hats off to them and their fans. They had a great environment. I always look at and evaluate myself first and I ask the position coaches to look at themselves.

We’ll get ready for a physical Boston College team for our Hall of Fame game. We’re playing against the No. 1 rushing offense. They have a tremendous athlete at quarterback. Him and Jacoby [Brissett] both transferred from Florida, so the storyline is unique.

They’re third in the ACC in total offense and first in rushing offense and rushing touchdowns. They’re fourth in the league in defense. They’re doing some good things. They’re a good time of possession team and they eat clock. That made a difference last year.

They had a pretty special tailback and they’ve had to replace his production. Murphy has done a good job for them in running around making plays. Our guys will have to do a nice job of containing him.

They’re 3-2 coming off a bye week and we’re 4-2 coming off two very difficult football games. It’s another challenge for our team and our leadership council last night. All of the things that we’re trying to accomplish for this season are still attainable. We aren’t going to lose sight of that because of one game where we just didn’t play well.

On handling the Clemson loss:
We took clips out of the game that we felt we needed to show the players. The biggest message is why we got off the tracks. Bad things happen in football. The other games that we faced adversity, we were able to overcome it and play well. Let’s just figure out why that didn’t happen. Just try to learn from it.

We just didn’t do the things that we can control. We beat ourselves. Yesterday was a learning day. We were able to as coaches sit down and watch Boston College for an hour and get a good start on that.

Our players on defense learned how athletic Tyler Murphy is and what makes him successful.

On play of offensive line:
That’s a disappointing thing. They sacked Jacoby and took the ball from him, but we have two guys that are supposed to be blocking them … I feel like we didn’t execute the way we needed to. It’s one thing when they have body on body and they beat you. That didn’t happen. Part of it is the crowd noise. They couldn’t hear each other. The other part of that is us not being ourselves. We haven’t done that this year.

On the youth of the team going on the road:
A lot of things happen in college football, sometimes you get in a game and get off the rails. For whatever reason, you can’t get back on them. That’s the first time that it’s happened with this football team.

On learning from the experience:
I think it comes down to doing some of the things we were doing on offense. Back to being balanced, protecting, doing well in the run game and getting yards after contact. If something goes wrong, just sticking together and follow the plan. That’s all that we need to do different. We’re going to have a lot of learning experiences when you’re the youngest team and you hate to have them, but that’s part of playing freshmen. You try to teach them these things in practice, but it’s hard to simulate that environment.

On focus with defense in practice:
The line of scrimmage is important in this game. Obviously, getting off blocks and not getting pushed back into the second level. It’s also important that we tackle well. They do a great job of running after contact. We need to make sure we’re getting off blocks and tackling. Also, some of their receivers are averaging 17 yards per catch, because of the play-action passes. We just need to have our eyes where they need to be.

On if its easier to lose the way the team did at Clemson or get beat at the last second:
Losing stinks no matter how you lose. Watching the Florida State game you react and move on, watching the Clemson game you react and move on. You just have to flush it and move on. There are six games left in the season. We need to put all of our focus into this next game.

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