RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State left tackle Rob Crisp felt the game against Clemson was lost fairly early in the contest.

"We didn't do our assignments," said Crisp. "We got frustrated when they got the big lead, and we were trying to do everyone's job but our own. When that happens, you get out of focus and start trying to do things you can't do.

"I believe we showed our lack of maturity for sure in that game, but we're past that game. We're trying to move on and beat Boston College. Now that is the most important thing."

According to Crisp, a loss can re-focus a team... in some ways.

"It depends on how you approach the next week," he stated. "I feel like Florida State beat us twice. That's just how I feel. I think we beat ourselves in a way [at Clemson].

"We just have to move forward and trust our coaching staff. If we do that, we can win every game left on our schedule."

So far this season NC State has had minimal injuries, but a big one has been the loss of junior left guard Joe Thuney. The Wolfpack's top interior lineman, Thuney has missed the last three games due to an illness and will not play against Boston College.

Junior Alex Barr replaced Thuney by shifting from right guard to left guard. Has Crisp developed the necessary chemistry with Barr?

"For sure," he said. "I was fine with Alex beside me as soon as it happened. I trust him a lot.

"Coach Uremovich makes sure we know all the positions for situations like this, so I wasn't worried at all about Alex moving from right to left."

Next up for the Wolfpack is Boston College, a team that pressures the quarterback with a variety of blitz packages created by defensive coordinator Don Brown. The team's top pass-rusher is senior Josh Keyes. The 6-foot-2 linebacker had a breakout performance on national television against Southern Cal when he totaled eight tackles, 5.5 tackles for a loss, and a sack in the win.

Crisp is aware of Keyes and his athleticism off the edge.

"He's a linebacker who is on the outside, and they blitz him a lot," said Crisp. "He has the most sacks and tackles in the backfield for them... he's very athletic and very fast.

"We have a lot of guys that we have to plan for, including him. We just have to trust our technique and we'll be fine."

"It's going to be a physical matchup," Crisp added. "We just have to be ready to match them. They are coming off a bye week and will be healthy, so we know they will be a tough team that's ready to play ball."

What will be the biggest key for the Wolfpack?

"Well, the word of the week is accountability," said Crisp. "That's most important thing. If we do our own job and trust the man next to us that he'll do his job, then we can win this game and we can win the rest of our games."

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