Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the loss to Boston College.

Jacoby Brissett

"He caught it. It was a bad ball. I feel like our offensive line did a great job of picking it up. I've got to find the open guy."

"I have just got to go back and just be smarter and take what they give me and not try to be greedy."

"I think we are fine. It all comes down to me playing better, which I have got to come back next week and do."

"I have got to get the ball out faster. People are open; I have just got to hit them."

Mike Rose

"We thought we had a chance to win, but instead of thinking we have a chance to win we should just actually go win."

"I think we will definitely figure it out. We have got a lot of young people. If you make a mistake just make it full speed."

"BC is a good football team. Hard-nose, old-school running team. We just couldn't fit some of the gaps we were supposed to fit."

"Tyler Murphy made some exceptional plays. He is the key to the whole thing."

"It is hurting down there. I am glad the people are starting to feel bad, finally. When it hurts that means you care enough. They should feel very bad. They should hurt."

"Losing, I don't like losing, nobody likes losing. It should hurt to lose. It should be painful to lose. I feel like to some people it wasn't (hurting)."

"Florida State, the guys came out and they did what they had to do and they played hard. Against Clemson, we had some players who didn't believe. Against BC, I think when we got down, things got bad, they stopped believing."

"I think it take, finally, for the young guys to come out play the game where everything goes there way and they go out there and actually see the success of the fundamentals and technique that we have to be doing. Until then, 'you doing your own thing' is not going to work."

Josh Jones

"The biggest problem is we have to come together and everybody give 120 percent. Each 11 players have to give 120 percent. Not nine or 10 or seven or eight, the whole 11."

"We came out with a chip on our shoulders. We came out and we stopped them on the goal-line. I think our defense came out and did really good in the third quarter."

"People left, we seen that. We are used to big crowds but at the end of the day you have to play for the guy next to you."

"I have confidence in these coaches. It is the players; we have to make plays. The coaches put us in the right area. They make the decisions but we have to make the plays. I am going to put all of the blame on us."

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