PC: Browne, Rose Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Benson Browne and Mike Rose met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Louisville.

Benson Browne

"It starts with the leadership from the older guys in the room. We have to take our young team under our wing and just keep doing what we are doing and just do a little more."

"Preparation is key to finding success. The older guys really know that and we just have to press that on the young guys to get them to get them all on ship, get everyone on the same page and pulling the rope the same way."

"The Wolfpack has some of the best fans in the nation. Whether it is going to class or walking around the grocery store, people recognize a big football player and are quick to give support. That's a big thing for us. We really appreciate that. We look forward to doing our fans right and getting some big wins."

"The coaches watch the film--we all watch the film--and we fix the problems that we find. We rep through everything at practice. We rep as much as we can. We will look to shore up our gaps, get our fullbacks in the right positions to help out and just work more together to get the job done and protect the quarterback to give him time in the pocket."

"Louisville has big, strong athletic guys. This week of preparation is going to be huge to put up a strong fight against these guys."

"Me and David are really close. I am very proud of him. I'm very happy to see that for him. He worked very hard. He's a hard-working guy, especially over the summer and this past fall. It's coming to fruition for him. They're getting the ball to him more and he's been able to get open. He's just an all-around really good tight end."

Mike Rose

"We are getting better. We're getting in our gaps. We have just got to be more fundamentally sound. We have got to get more people to the ball."

"Nothing changes. I play against Tyson Chandler every day. He is a bigger guy. Our defensive line--we are not the biggest defensive line in the world anyway--so we know we have a height disadvantage most of the time. Weight and height, it doesn't matter."

"We can definitely do that. We have the schedule and we have the team where we can put it together, we can win some games and go to a decent bowl, then have a good offseason and get ready for next year."

"It would mean a lot. To do that, we'd have to win some ACC games which would also mean a great deal for this team."

"I feel like once we get that first ACC win, it is going to mean more for this team than it would any other team. And a bowl game is more than just a game in December. It is a game where you get more practice and the young players get more reps. It's time for our team to become a serious team and that would be good for us."

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