Hines Will Play

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice and stated that freshman wide receiver Bo Hines will play against Louisville.

Dave Doeren

Bo [Hines], how is he feeling?
He feels great. He practiced today... he's good to go.

Did you sense a change when he went out against Boston College?
Well, he's our leading receiver, and he makes a lot of plays. Anytime you lose a guy that makes a lot of plays, you've got to get the next man to replace him.

We were prepared to do that today, but when you're going through practice all week and you've got routes for Bo and Bo's not there, it changes things a little bit.

Obviously, we didn't do a good enough job as coaches having the next guy ready to play behind him. We were prepared to do that... Bo didn't practice until today, and he looked great today. He spent the last three days getting his ankle right, and he's back to normal.

I'm happy he's back. The good thing is we got some other guys some reps, in case we need that, you know, in the future.

They are going with Will Gardner at quarterback... what have you seen from him?
He's a good passer. A tall guy, he's got good vision.

He's got really good targets too. I don't know if No. 9, Parker, is going to play or not... they were saying he was potentially going to play last week, so I'm assuming we'll get him.

I know Petrino is a really good coach, and he picked him for a reason... then he got injured. I'm assuming that he kind of sparked them a little bit against Clemson.

He's more of a dropback, pro-style quarterback than Bonnafon, so you get the run game with the big backs, and the play actions that come off of them... kind of more the pro-style offense that you're probably used to seeing with Petrino.

How do you expect Parker to change their offense?
I went back and watched all of their games last year, just so I could see him play. He's a big target. He's really strong with the ball in the air, he's a guy that jumps up and snatches the football. It just gives another big target.

We'll see. If they are going to take a bunch of shots outside, then obviously he's a guy that we're going to have to be ready to play out there.

How have some of your younger players that need to step in like Airius Moore and Germaine Pratt...
It's a great opportunity for Airius, and Germaine Pratt is going to get a lot of playing time in this game. Those two guys obviously defensively, are going to have a great opportunity. I'm excited for them both.

On offense, we get Joe Thuney back, and to get him back in the mix with the o-line... there are some positive things to come from it.

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