Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

LOUISVILLE, KY -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the loss to Louisville.

Dave Doeren

"Hard fought game... we came down here short-handed and I'm really proud of our players."

"I thought we had some really good unity in our hotel and some really good leadership talk by our players."

"We're not making enough plays and obviously I have to do a better job of helping our guys make plays."

"Louisville did a great job, good football team. No. 9, Parker, had a huge impact for them today."

"When you go through the adversity we have, as a program you've got a chance to shrink or grow from those kind of moments, and we're going to grow."

"We're going to hit the reset button this week for our bye week."

"We're going to try and get everybody back healthy, not just physically, but mentally get them ready to go on a four-game deal here... to still accomplish our postseason goal, and that's where our mindset will be."

"Airius was disruptive. It was his first game, he played so hard, and it's disappointing that... and he was down, you could see it on the replay that it didn't go our way because that was a great play by that kid."

"I'm proud of Airius and he's a disruptive football player. I know there's a lot of things he'll learn."

"We're not getting there enough with the four-man rush, it's obvious, so we had to bring more pressure. It hurt us at times too."

"We just have to really work hard on our third-down defense during the bye week."

"The staff did some things to help them. Joe Thuney is a good player for us and he and Rob have a good chemistry with each other so there's no question his return helped."

"You can give Alex a chance to give guys a break, and Tony. David Grinnage had a pretty big day, I think he played pretty well."

"There were some bright spots in the game and we battled."

"A lot of people probably didn't give us a chance with what we're dealing with, so I'm proud of the guys for that. We just have to keep going."

"There was something that we saw that could hurt us at that point in the game. Obviously I'd hate to burn a timeout period, we burned two later, I'll take it, that was me."

"We had a call... they called timeout when they were in empty and brought the back in to run the ball and we didn't have the right defense in the game. At that point, I didn't want to give them a big play."

"Our punter is a good punter and we were in a situation... it just didn't look like our guys were ready for what they lined up in and I didn't want to have a punt blocked."

"They called timeout once and we called timeout twice, and that's obviously on me. I communicated something that I wanted and it didn't get communicated the right way. I didn't want to be in that defense against what they came out in. They were going to run the ball, which they did, and we stopped them, but it cost us a timeout."

"First and one on the one and they are in their Bear defense... we thought we'd be able to get Matt in the flat wide open and it was a run-pass play where if he's not there you throw it away or run it in. I asked Jacoby why didn't you throw it away and he said he wanted to but he was tripping and he didn't want to throw a pick. He made a good decision to eat the ball right there, he didn't want to turn it over, but when you call that kind of play you obviously don't expect that kind of stuff to happen."

"We thought we'd either score with a walk-in or throw it away incomplete and have it second and one on the one, and it was four downs for us anyways... in that situation play-action is a good play, and it just didn't work out."

"We just found some things on film, with the two backs... Matt is really good on the perimeter and Shad running the zone, it's just a way to use their skills together."

"It will hurt tonight and they'll come in and we'll talk. We need a bye week bad... I think this will be a good week for them mentally to refocus and hit the reset button like I said."

"We want to be in a bowl game, they want to be in a bowl game... we have four opportunities to try and make that happen and that's where our focus will go."

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