Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Several NC State players met with the media following the loss to Louisville.

Jacoby Brissett

"It was stupid. I should have thrown the ball away. I was tripping but that’s not an excuse. I was trying to make sure we got some points tonight and I got hit from behind and fumbled."

"We were one or two plays from winning this game. But at the end of the day, that sack, I can’t do that."

"This was a tough one. This is one we definitely could have won. These last two we definitely could have won. It was all on my play. I have to play better and I mean we’ll regroup and get everybody’s mind fresh and we’ll be ready to go."

David J. Grinnage

"The past is behind us. You can’t think about that. If you think about that it is going to affect you the next week. You forget it and you go out and play your hardest and eventually you go out and get those wins."

"I feel more confident than I was. It is really not just me feeling more confidence though. It is my teammates helping me. It is up to my teammates playing together."

"We are working so hard and we are finally coming back together as a team. It is just hurting us more and more to see it going downhill. We have to just got to come out of this bye week and get ready for the next game so that we can come out and get the win."

"I believe we can get back. We started to in the second half of this game. We see that we can do that."

Airius Moore

"If the ref said he was down, then he was down. There isn’t really anything you can say about that."

"I think I can do a lot better. I think I did okay. I didn’t make enough plays and we didn’t make enough as a team to win."

"We are confident. The biggest thing as a team is to try to get the seniors to a bowl game."

Brandon Pittman

"We watched some of the film and saw they had a weak link against the pass rushing. Coach said we are going to step outside the box and blitz a lot more."

"Last year we felt we had dominance inside. This year we still have the same playmakers but the plays that are there we have to make them."

"I was real proud of [Airius Moore]. He is a true freshman. I expected a little jitters in this system but he came out and was it seamless."

"We are tired of losing. We have to come out and stay together. We have to come out early, we have been having a problem with that, and we should be able to beat all of these teams."

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