QUOTES: Dave Doeren Radio Show

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren held his weekly radio show last night with his team on bye this week. Here are some of the quotes from the show.

On NC State getting some bad breaks in games...
Light some candles this weekend everybody and sell your voodoo charms and all the ricochet bounces that are going to the other team, the bad things, they’re all gone now. Okay.

We are going to come back. There is a lot of good things happening. We just need things to roll our way.

We got beat on a slant three or four times, we finally stopped it and broke it up without a P.I., and the ball bounced to another receiver. Those kinds of things happen.

Even in our special teams, we need to get better on our punt coverage. I told our guys the other day, we were watching a lot of film, there were three punts where I felt like we should do better.

One of the problems is we have the top-ranked punter in the nation. He is out-kicking our coverage and we have some players down there. That is a good problem to have when you are not penalizing a lot and you are taking care of the football.

Helping the offense...
The thing we’ve got to get is some key takeaways and get some short field position for Jacoby.

How will you spend this Saturday with it off?
I am going to spend time with my sons and my wife... we have a family day planned. I will probably watch Syracuse and Clemson so I can keep an eye on them.

Why didn't NaQuan Brown's two-point conversion count?
The rule in college football is you have to complete the catch and [NaQuan Brown] had it knocked out. It was definitely a catch while he was in-bounds but they knocked it out while he was out-of-bounds.

That’s the rule in college football. In pro football it would have been a [two-point conversion].

How are you using the bye week?
This week we have talked about finding that one thing on film per player. We want to try to make sure it does not show up again. What is the one thing you have got to take off the tape going forward?

If we can get our 74-man travel roster to do one thing each, we’d be 74 times better as a football team.

Remaining goals...
Our goal is to get to postseason play. We have four opportunities and we need at least two of them to make that happen, and we are going to try to get all four of them.

Competition during the bye week...
Every week, if there is competition at a position, we will have competition for that position in practice, not just because it is an open week.

For example, Airius [Moore] played really well, so there is competition this week at middle linebacker.

We also need to rest some of these guys.

Thoughts on burning two timeouts with Louisville facing 3rd-and-17...
The first one, they came out with a formation against the defense where the last thing I wanted to do was give up a play and let them extend the drive.

We called the timeout, brought the defense over and told them they were going to be in empty, if they are not in empty, we want to be in this defense. They came out in a formation to run the football, and the kids we told that to and the coaches that I told that to, we didn't see it the same way.

You have timeouts, and you want to hold them as long as you can, but the last thing I wanted to do was give up a big play so I burned the timeout. That's the last thing all of us wanted, including myself, but I'd rather burn it on third-and-17, stop them and get the ball back then have an 18-yard run on a nickel defense, and that was what we were looking at.

It was an unfortunate situation and one that we need to handle better as a staff.

Thoughts on the timeout used prior to a punt...
In retrospect I probably would have taken a delay of game there, but I could tell our left tackle on that play was confused and they were lined up in that look.

Again, they give you three timeouts and a lot of times you go into halftime or the end of the game and you don't even use them. I've been in positions where I should have used one... at that point int he game I knew we were playing well on defense and I felt like we'd make a couple of plays.

When they give you the timeouts to use them, and if there is a point in the game where it can help you win, you do it. Our ultimate goal is to have them all in the last two minutes and most of the time we're able to do that.

Thoughts on the play-action call on first down at the goalline...
They lined up in a double-eagle, bear defense where everybody is packed in. We felt like we could slip our tailback in the flat and if it wasn't their we'd throw it out of bounds and be second-and-goal at the one.

I told Matt [Canada] when we got to the one that he had four downs to score, so we were going to go for it on fourth-down anyways. If we didn't have the wide open pass we'd have three runs, and unfortunately they blitzed right in Jacoby's face and he couldn't get rid of the football.

Look, if the tailback was wide open in the flat and we threw to him everyone would say, "Great call coach." It's just, sometimes the defense makes a play, and that's what happened.

Did you see something out of their defense to make you believe that play would work?
Well, they are the No. 1 rush defense in the country, and they had their whole defense lined up inside our tight ends. It's a pretty good call, but it didn't work because when he came around their guy got up the field. Their d-end made a really nice play and Jacoby was coached to throw it in the stands.

He tripped a little bit, didn't want to fumble, and he ate it. He did the right thing because I don't want him to turn it over there either.

How is recruiting going?
Recruiting is going really well. I can't comment on names, but we got a great commitment a couple of weeks ago... a really, really good football player in-state.

We had several good visitors since then that are considering coming here with us, and a couple others. Obviously a strong finish will help us close the deal on a few of those guys.

Our young football team is playing very well. If you look at the production of our team, 80% of the production is freshmen and sophomores. That's kind of the silver lining right now, we're playing well with freshmen and sophomores.

These kids see that they can come in and make a difference and be a part of the turnaround... it's exciting for them.

I'm really excited about the energy we have in recruiting and we just have to get a couple of wins here to close out a couple of them.

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