PC: Chandler, Burris Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tyson Chandler and Juston Burris met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Syracuse.

Tyson Chandler

"Yesterday, we had a lot of energy at practice. The off-week was great because we got Saturday off and we only practiced Wednesday and Thursday last week, so that two days when you normally go three or four straight. That was huge for our legs."

"Coach Doeren just told us to go 1-0 four times. We will take it week-by-week and let it play out from there."

"We've been using the silent count for the last three games, so we are pretty much used to it and it's [not] that big of an adjustment right now."

"I did play in a dome [once] so I know it should be pretty loud, but it's not that big of a deal for us."

"I am really excited. It's a different feeling with the original five offensive linemen out there. We have Alex back on the right side and Joe back. It is all about chemistry. Tony Adams filled in great [also]."

"For me, senior year, it would be awesome to finish out with a bowl game. A bowl game is a lot of fun. The young guys don't really know what they're playing for. I don't think you realize how fun a bowl game is unless you go."

Juston Burris

"It was great having those extra couple of days off. To not run and be out on our feet was big, especially for the defensive backs. We do a lot of running."

"We have watched film on [A.J. Long]. Having that week off to sit down and watch Clemson, we saw he is going to be a special player."

"We are going to do our part on the back end to shut down the pass and make it harder to have open lanes."

"Coach Doeren has talked to us all week about wiping the slate clean. Those first eight games, they're not going to help us and they're not going to hurt us. We've still got a chance to go to a bowl game."

"It's a whole new season for us. It's a four-game season."

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