PC: Doeren Talks Syracuse

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Louisville.

Dave Doeren

"I think the week was very beneficial, not just getting some guys healthy."

"Things we want to work on, things we know we can do better... things we want to tweak here and there."

"Just kind of take a perspective and reflect on where we're at, and the thing you see is there's a lot of improvement in a lot of areas."

"On offense, 87% of our receiving yards are by freshmen and sophomores. That's something that excites you when you think about the future of where we're headed."

"23 of the 46 players on our two-deep are freshmen and sophomores, and you see them get better and better."

"Just to see some guys get their legs back and kind of mentally recharged was really good."

"We get the chance to go on the road and play against a Syracuse team that had a really good game against Clemson."

"They don't turn it over a lot on offense and take it away on defense... that's a formula for us that we have to flip the script."

"On offense we have to continue drives and take advantage of the plays that we have."

"You need to get those guys to have the confidence to finish those plays."

"The key to the game will be protecting the ball on offense."

"I'm impressed with A.J. Long. On offense they are balanced... the quarterback is a versatile kid who makes plays on his feet."

"Defensively they are a pressure defense and bring a lot of different pressures... they play hard on defense and pride themselves on stopping the run."

"First down offense and first down defense in a game like this is critical."

"I'm excited about the opportunity to go play there."

"I think you see the resiliency of our team in that game. Nobody thought we had a chance with the injuries and suspensions and guys really rallied around each other."

"I do, like I told the team, I see a lot of little things within that game that's showing our progress."

"I can't lose sight of the progress that we've made."

"Guys like B.J. Hill, who has started three games and is playing so well for a true freshman."

"Louisville was a game that our guys played really, really hard in."

"Four game season and a fresh start... it doesn't matter that we won the first four and lost the last four."

"It's the first of four games. This is game week for the opening game of the year... we're really trying to take that attitude... fresh start and a strong finish."

"Just executing the system, distributing the ball to the right guy... that's the place where you saw him grow last week."

"That's what he's learning as the season goes on... every play doesn't have to be the play that he made in the Florida State game."

"He's learning a lot... he's got a great arm, he has great rhythm."

"Hakim and Pratt will both play a lot. Both of those guys... it's kind of like our nickels, we feel like all four of those guys are practicing well."

"Airius was very productive in that game... he earned the right to continue to play there."

"It was a great learning experience on decision-making... when you choose to play a pro sport or a college sport you're in the lime-light. I think it was a great lesson for those guys, and they've learned a lot."

"I'm proud of how they handled it... a bunch of guys. They were all on the scout team last week, helping our team."

"They changed coordinators too, they changed who's calling the plays. It's similar offensive systems but a lot of different formations."

"You've seen a lot more spread sets that break one way or another... with this coordinator. It's like all spread offenses, when you're soft in coverage they try to throw the ball outside."

"This quarterback, you can see that he's getting more and more confident."

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