ACC MEDIA DAY: Ralston Turner

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State senior wing Ralston Turner met with the media at the 2014 ACC Media Day.

Ralston Turner

"This year, we have a lot of young guys."

"We're a year older, more mature... things will come together for a lot of us that didn't last year."

"You work in the offseason on shooting your shots."

"I need to try and find other ways to score."

"Who knows? It's too early to say if we're a tournament team or not, but I like the pieces we have. We have a lot of good guys."

"I like our team. We'll see what happens."

"We'll keep it balanced... the main thing is to have balanced scoring. I think, inside-out, outside-in, you'll see a mixture of that this year."

"It's definitely great for the fans. It's something I've noticed since being here."

"That makes it very unique. It takes you back to high school."

"It's not uncommon to come in contact with these guys, but with that being said, how can it not be if you're that close together."

"I'm a fan of the ACC. I always want the ACC do well because it helps our whole league do well."

"It's going to make the league stronger."

"Each team has a different style. You're not going to change your style because other teams came in."

"We'll see contrasting styles."

"It's a polar opposite. I grew up in the deep south and went to school in the deep south so I'm used to football being dominant."

"It's something that you appreciate."

"It's about who executes the best."

"It shows confidence in us... before I got here I looked at how I would fit in with this team. I thought before I got here I'd be able to fit well with the system in place."

"All of us need to step up."

"We talked about that game. We referenced to it in terms of that just gave us a taste of what it's like to play without him... we're capable."

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