ACC MEDIA DAY: Kyle Washington

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State sophomore forward Kyle Washington met with the media at the 2014 ACC Media Day. Here is some audio and a collection of quotes from Washington.

Kyle Washington

"For me, I had to get lower, get a lower base so I wouldn't get pushed off the post."

"I worked on turning over my left shoulder because the scouting report is to sit on my right shoulder... take away my left hook."

"People are questioning us."

"We're improving, and it's fair to be questioned. We were up and down with our consistency."

"BeeJay was out of shape, but he had his shining moments... I had a few shining moments too but just the consistency factor."

"I've been through it all. I've had extreme highs and extreme lows."

"We could be amazing... I'm not really worried about our bigs. We're all warriors and we all want to prove that we can compete with the best bigs in the ACC."

"We don't have anyone that's afraid of the bright lights."

"Everybody wants to be the best they can be. If you're the best you can be then you're the best player on the floor."

"We need to go hard at each other every day in practice."

"The nation is like Rest In Peace to NC State because T.J. Warren is gone. Well, we're all college players and we want to show what we can do."

"Dez Lee being a great junior college player can spread his wings a little more this year."

"All of us can score, and if you think about Coach G.'s system, the UCLA offense is proven."

"It's going to be collectively."

"His second year here with the starting five all averaging in double figures... we're thinking of something like that."

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