Selling Your Product

Dave Doeren has had success on the recruiting trail since taking over in Raleigh and prospects have given positive feedback on the Wolfpack's recruiting pitch.

NC State's top commitment came from Lincolnton (NC) defensive end Darian Roseboro, arguably the top football prospect in the state. With offers from programs like Alabama, Michigan, Tennessee, and Oklahoma, Roseboro could probably pick any school in the country, but he chose to stay home and play for the Wolfpack.

"First of all it was the coaching staff," Roseboro responded when asked why he picked NC State. "I like them a lot."

As for the Wolfpack coaching staff, their philosophy is simple.

"First and foremost, it's be honest... be who we are," said Doeren. "[We] don't try to sell them something that's not true. I think that happens a lot.

"There's an opportunity here, and I think this is a great institution. I believe in what we're doing. You can see the improvement and the production in some of our young players that they're making. There's opportunity with the seniors leaving at certain spots."

You can be honest and stress playing time, but there are other positives being expressed by Doeren and his assistants.

"With the indoor [practice facility] that is being built and the different things that are going on... we talk about the vision of the program," Doeren said. "Being a team in-state that has a great fanbase, [with] a tremendous number of alumni in-state, from a job network standpoint after graduation. There's a lot to sell at NC State.

"I know where we're going, and that's what we talk about with them."

Prospects also like being "recruited," and teams are going to extremes when it comes to showing a target just how much they are wanted. From producing magazines with recruits on the cover to utilizing social media campaigns, colleges are much more innovative when it comes to expressing their interest in a prospect.

"I think that's the fun thing right now in recruiting," said Doeren. "[Laughing] Putting people's faces on other people's bodies, I guess. We try to have fun with it, and let the recruits laugh a little bit too. It's a grind for them."

NC State used an approach like this with Roseboro, and he admits that it kept him interested in the Wolfpack.

"Oh, it stood out," said Roseboro. "They emphasized how much they wanted me from the first time they started recruiting me, and things like that showed it to me.

"They would send a card every day, counting down to my commitment date. One might be about the school or another with the players... it was pretty cool. [Laughing] I definitely noticed it."

"I think it just keeps them interested... keeps them excited," added Doeren. "I think the thing that we do, that I'm sure a lot of people try to do, is we really try to get to know their families and their coaches, people that they care about.

"We don't just try to recruit the person, we recruit the family and we recruit the mentors. We want everybody to feel good about them coming here, and that's one thing we try to do... recruit all of those people with them."

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