Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the win over Syracuse.

Dave Doeren

"It's a great win. I'm happy for our players. I'm really proud of them for fighting through a momentum-changing game."

"They are a good defense. They forced four turnovers last week at Clemson."

"The turnover margin was tilted our way and we played good on special teams."

"We just found a way when the momentum was shifting to turn it back our way... Pharoah did it, Art Norman did it, Josh Jones did it..."

"I'm excited to get it. Winning it on the road means a lot to me too. That's something that's been a problem here in the past, and I'm glad to have that one. It's good to be back on the winning side of things."

"You can see the light in our players' face right now."

"I'm proud of them... it's not about me at all. It's all about them. The fact that they got that win for our staff means a lot."

"It's huge. Our defense carried us today. They carried us today."

"It was kind of an old-school football game with field position, defense, and sacks... hits. We found a way to run the football and field position was a big part of the game today for us."

"The injury report showed the two guards were banged up didn't come out until Thursday... we didn't have a real good idea of what was going to be missing until Thursday."

"We did. Early on we didn't want to expose ourselves to something new. We kind of played base defense until we saw what their plans were."

"Talk about a game of inches... it was really close."

"I don't talk about it. I don't want to make it more of a deal than it was."

"I kind of locked myself in the Murphy Center and put my arm around my team and our coaches."

"I'm sure when I get home I'll feel that way, but right now I'm just excited we won the football game."

"We have three weeks to really play for postseason play and it's kind of fun to be in that position again."

"They got some pass interference calls that went there way. I'm not allowed to say anything about that anymore."

"I wanted our guys to keep playing tight coverage."

"It's a judgement penalty where sometimes as a DB it's really difficult."

"He's an ex-wideout. We knew he had the speed."

"It's gratifying. Those are the moments as a coach that I'll remember. When you ask me about the season I'll remember that play."

"we were sitting in the office and he was making some things happen in practice and he wasn't getting a lot of playing time. I said, 'I want him in there in this package and if he screws up you can blame me.' I called Pharoah on the way home and said, 'I got your back.'"

"We were in a zone blitz and Pharoah was in a zone blitz."

"We brought a lot of blitzes today."

"When you get a first down you can start going fast."

"For us no-huddle is really going to start up after we get that first, first down on the drive."

"The game is never over until it's over."

"It's a beautiful thing. Big hits, sacks, and picks. That's what we live for on defense."

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