PC: Crisp, Norman Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Rob Crisp and Art Norman met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Georgia Tech.

Rob Crisp

"It was great. Coming from a few losses throughout the ACC since this coaching staff has been here, it was definitely a weight lifted off their shoulders and ours."

"It was a great win, and we definitely needed it."

"It always helps... wins always carry on tot he next game, and unfortunately so do losses.'

"Hopefully it will allow us to continue to get the rest of the wins the rest of the season."

"The focus is to win. That's what we're trying to do."

"Our plan is to win the rest of these games. That's where our mental focus is."

"All the focus is on Georgia Tech."

"We feel like we can run the ball and that's our primary focus."

"Time of possession will be key to winning this game also."

"We feel very confident. We try to go into every game feeling like we can run the ball on any opponent."

"We know we have to score... we have to max the intensity they are bringing and outscore them."

Art Norman

"The defense had a lot of key plays. The offense made a lot of plays when they needed to make them."

"Last year, it was more of a downward slope. A lot of guys, I felt like maybe didn't believe as much. This is a completely different team."

"Every game our spirits are up. I don't believe anyone thought we were going to use."

"Georgia Southern had a couple of options plays, it's kind of similar."

"Everybody has to do their job and be where they are supposed to be... make the plays when they need to be made."

"It was a fun game. That's what I remember the most about it."

"Everybody has to play their key."

"I was so proud of Pharoah. I was actually on the sideline, he came in for me... I was thinking ,'Dre, don't block in the back.' I was just really excited on the sidelines, jumping up-and-down."

"It's another great opportunity. Every week we have a different gameplan, it just depends on who you play."

"I would say tackling, missing less tackles, and just everybody being where they need to be."

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