Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the loss to Georgia Tech.

Dave Doeren

"It was really a great play by them and then for us a bad play obviously."

"It kind of sucked the wind out of the team, and we were never able to get back in it."

"Georgia Tech is a good football team. They are 8-2 for a reason."

"We knew we couldn't turn the football over, that was our formula."

"We got a stop, forced a fumble, but after that it was the opposite of our formula."

"They are a good football team, and I knew we'd have to play a really good football game."

"Our plan was to take away the football first and that didn't happen."

"We have a great opportunity at home next week for Senior Day. A lot of our focus will go there quickly."

"I think he's a guy that wants to be in there."

"He got the wind knocked out of him on the play."

"He wasn't as beat up as he originally thought."

"You could see it didn't hurt his mobility as the game went on."

"That wasn't how I wanted it to happen, obviously."

"We had a plan and it didn't work out the way we wanted it to. They are a really good football team and I credit them for making some plays on defense to change the game."

"The game changed right there. We were in the game."

"We knew it would be a back-and-forth game... we were going to have to go score for score and get a takeaway or two. That was the formula."

"We played some really good football teams in that four-game stretch. I think those teams are 35-10 right now and the best defenses in the league."

"That's an area we have to get better. We need to make some more explosive plays... it's just hard to nickel and dime."

"To get back in the scoring game... we're going to score 21 a game methodically but we have to get two or three that are explosive-type scores. We're just not doing that."

"Part of it is just the youth."

"For him to miss a wide open guy down the sideline... we ran that play a bunch in practice and it was money. He just missed him."

"I have no doubt that he's good enough to do what we need him to do. We just have to get him back there."

"You're pretty concerned about it. I would have taken him out of I wanted to take him out, and at that point of the game he wanted to stay in."

"We're trying to keep the ball away from them and go score a touchdown at that point."

"You don't expect those types of things to happen. For us, when we take care of the football we're in four-quarter games to win the game. That's what we have to do a better job of."

"I said to coach Canada, don't worry about the scoreboard, worry about running our offense right now."

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