PC: Hines, Jones Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Bo Hines and Hakim Jones discuss the upcoming game against Wake Forest.

Bo Hines

"We're a family, that's the word of the week, and we're going to stick together no matter what."

"We're definitely on the right track."

"Teams are either on the way to winning a championship or going in the opposite direction, and I really think we're on our way to winning a championship."

"I didn't lose many games in high school... I think that especially in our class, we've got a lot of champions."

"Our coaches have put us in position to make plays."

"It really comes down to us."

"We want to send them off in a good way. They've done a great job here."

"The most respectful thing we can do is send them off with a win."

"We're building off each other and we know what our strengths and weaknesses are."

"It will be a good challenge for us."

"He's really trying to do everything he can... you can tell on the field he's trying to make plays."

"I think 'family' is a great word for this week."

Hakim Jones

"We can definitely rebound... it was a pretty tough loss."

"We have another opportunity to come back next week."

"That's a big thing, improving."

"Being in a bowl is a great place to be."

"We prepared very well last week and it's very tough to stop, but going to back to a more conventional offense is big as well, that's what we had been going against every day."

"My father was in the military a while back. He died when I was five... but he was a Marine."

"It's nothing physical, it's always something we know that we can correct."

"We were ready to play but a lot of things didn't go our way during that game from a defensive standpoint and an offensive standpoint."

"We have to go out and play to the best of our ability."

"Most of the seniors this year, they came from my class and didn't redshirt... being around those guys, it's a very big deal."

"Nothing is impossible when it comes to playing football. It's a league where you never know who is going to beat who."

"You don't focus on the outside people looking in, you focus on the things going on with our team."

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