Doeren Talks Signing Period, Wake Forest

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

Dave Doeren

What are your thoughts on an early signing period?
It depends on when they put it.

I think there's a lot of merit to it, fiscally... not that you would save money because you would go and recruit other players, but you spend a lot of money from December 1st until signing day... going to see guys that have been committed to you for a year.

Maybe their Dad went to State, and they grew up coming to State, and they've committed to State, but because of recruiting, you have to go see them but you could be spending your money a lot more wiser on guys that aren't committed and going elsewhere.

And the kids don't have to sign early, I think that's the piece that people miss. There are still two signing dates, so it's not like you're forcing a young man to sign early if they have it. If they want to take their four or five visits that they get, don't sign early.

It would allow a lot of people just to know who is really in and then to shift the dollars and time towards the ones that are still active and out there.

I think there would have to be some sort of clause in it where if there was a head coaching change, they could then go take their visits if they want. If they don't, they keep it on.

It just really just depends on when they put it, I don't want to see our recruiting calendar change because of it. I think that's the main thing... where they are doing official visits as juniors, things like that.

There is some setup now where guys can sign paperwork or something like that, have you taken advantage of that?
Financial aid agreement... we have. The guys that have committed and are mid-semester transfers, they are allowed to sign a financial aid agreement, which gives you unlimited phone calls and text messages.

It's helpful because you're trying to get their admissions paperwork done, and you're able to call them more often and things like that so you can get that stuff taken care of.

You've placed a big emphasis on recruiting the state, does that place a bigger importance on these last two games because they are in-state opponents?
It does.

I think at this point I don't know how many players we are down to because we only have a few scholarships left, but just overall and in the grand scheme of things, you would like to say that you beat your in-state teams, and it does help you down the road.

Health-wise, how are you guys?
Monty [Nelson] is still out. [Jarvis] Byrd and [Alex] Barr are still banged up a little bit... so it will be gameday with them.

But, everybody else is good. Malcolm Means is back, and I think that was the only other guy that missed last week.

Do you have to address for the guys at all the [mistakes] of these last few games with the guys or do they know what's going on and there's no point going into it?
No, we always talk about things that we can do better.

Sometimes there are physical mistakes and if it's a scheme-thing, and you can't get it done, then you change the scheme. If it's a physical thing or a mental thing where you know you can make it better, then you spend a lot of time on it.

That's part of getting better, looking at the things you don't do well. If it doesn't carry over to what's going forward, like the defense had a lot of things they're not going to see again, then you try to find the things that you are going to see again in that game and make sure they addressed.

Wake has a good set of cornerbacks. How vital are they to their scheme?
They do.

I think any defense that has corners that can handle their side of the field without help allows you to do a lot more things from a pressure standpoint and add more safety fits in the box where you're not trying to play safeties over the top of your corners all the time.

I think it helps them a lot. They don't have a lot of depth, so they have to rely on extra guys or movement or pressures in their run defense. Anybody that has lockdown corners, they're going to say it will help them on defense.

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