AUDIO: Pack Preps For Opener

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Mark Gottfried, Trevor Lacey, and Cat Barber discuss the season opener against Jackson State.

Mark Gottfried

"It is time for the popcorn to pop."

"Our guys are anxious... they are ready to play, they are ready to play against someone else."

"[Cat] is really trying to become a great facilitator, pass-first. I still want him to score though, he needs to be a scoring guard, but he really passes the ball as his first priority."

"He's trying to grow up a little bit as that coach on the floor... I think he's made big strides from last year to this year."

"He knows he has the ball in his hands."

"Trevor is going to play some point... but Cat has some confidence that the job is his and he needs to go out there and play well with it."

"For an exhibition game, all three freshmen did a nice job, played real well... they aren't the kind of guys who will walk into anywhere scared.... they are ready to play at this level."

"Competition makes us all better. The cream always does end up rising to the top. They know it everyday and they know it during the games."

"The answer sometimes is to play better and you'll play more."

"They know on different nights it's probably going to be a different player playing better or playing more."

"There will be a lot of different guys who have the ability to change the game."

"They are coached well... they pressure, they are very athletic. They like to get the ball to the rim."

"We're going to see a pretty athletic team that's going to move the ball offensively."

"All four can play with each other. Obviously BeeJay is your only true center-type guy, but I think the combination could be any of the four. It may depend on who we're playing against, a defensive matchup, or who is playing the best. We just have to wait and see."

Cat Barber

"Being a leader on the floor... helping my teammates get a great shot, better shot, the right shot."

"I got better being a quarterback on the floor."

"At practice I try to work on the things I need to work on... I worked on my shooting and getting my teammates involved. It carried over to the exhibition game."

"I know that I have to play big... my job is to pace myself during the game and make the right play... keep coach happy."

"I don't try to worry about that, knowing I'm the only point guard on the roster. I just play the game."

"I don't worry about if I'm going to stay in the whole game... I just go out and play."

"Trevor is a combo guard.. I know he can move to the one and play the one some. Trevor is a big-time player."

Trevor Lacey

"We're getting in the rotation of how coach wants us to play."

"We're looking forward to playing our best."

"I missed the last shot against Maryland in the NIT... that was my last game."

"It felt funny going out there... last Saturday got my feet wet. My teammates, they are going to stay on me. Hopefully we come out with a winning effort."

"I'm down 20 pounds and I've worked on my skillset."

"They want to see it transfer over to the games."

"I'm going to go out and play my game."

"We're playing with each other, and I've been more aggressive to score."

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