Gottfried: "It's a Good Start"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Jackson State.

Mark Gottfried

"I think the stands out to me more than anything is our defensive ball pressure was pretty good, our energy defensively was really good. I thought it generated our offense. I thought that set the tone for us most of the game."

"Day by day and game by game we need to make sure we make a commitment on that end of the floor first."

"Trevor and Cat... both played well, they kind of feed off of one another."

"We just have to make sure we keep improving."

"I think Trevor helps Cat and Cat helps Trevor... Trevor has always been that coach on the floor, but he's facilitator."

"He's a pass-first kind of guy. I think that's contagious... now you've got two guys that can both bring the ball up the floor against pressure."

"If Cat can slide to the wing and make that three, it really makes it dangerous with those two out there."

"That's where he has really tried to get better. He's really making the effort."

"He's a good scorer, but he's also a good passer. He's trying to find ways to run his team, stay under control, take it when it's there in the break."

"Every game is a little bit different. It just depends on how you play the whole night."

"Trevor kind of started that... he made his first three and kind of relaxed."

"We'll watch this tape tonight and talk to our guys individually... we have to switch pages pretty fast."

"It's a good start."

"I think our team is going to be different every night... we need to get some more out of our bigs. The ball has to go in there a little more... we need a little more offensive production."

"We'll get better."

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