Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the win over Wake Forest.

NC State Press Conference

"I'm very proud of our football team. I'd like to say thank you to our fans for a great showing today."

"Senior Day is a very special day for me. As the head coach, to honor our senior class, 18 great guys, with a victory at home. I think our underclassmen played their butts off for them."

"To run for 362 yards against a sound defense... our o-line showed up today, our backs ran hard, our receivers and tight ends blocked."

"Defensively we did a nice job of taking care of their running game. I think they finished with 58 yards rushing."

"To open up [the second half] with a touchdown by Bryan was awesome."

"We've doubled our win total in one year. You can see the indoor being built out there and a lot of progress being made."

"Some really, really good young players that are continuing to get better and some senior players that are playing like seniors."

"We'll get some guys to heal up and get ready for the crosstown rivalry."

"We went into it with a handful of downhill runs that we thought would be successful."

"You could tell that it was slowing down their 'backers. They are a young team, don't have a lot of depth, and don't play a lot of people."

"I challenged our guys that it would be a four-quarter game and if you get physical in the run game you'd wear them down."

"Some of our best plays in the first half were space plays with Matt. We just capitalized making a man miss, beating a guy one-on-one."

"He's played the same amount. We've just tried to get the ball to him and unfortunately we've overthrown him wide open."

"Bryan is fast. We try to get some big hits to him every game."

"Sometimes the jet game, people really over-commit."

"As long as you can get the north-south running game going with it, it's really good."

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