Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Hofstra.

Mark Gottfried

"Well, I think the first thing that stands out to me is that we didn't necessarily play great but I thougth they had a lot to do with that."

I think we beat a team tonight that's going to win a lot of games in their league."

"They are well-coached, they have veteran players, and they attacked some of our weaknesses."

"As you watch the RPI and watch your opponents... hopefully it's going to be a big win for us."

"We struggled as the game progressed to guard the ball. I thought they tried to attack us."

"The zone was pretty effective for a lot of reasons. Our big guys were in foul trouble and we didn't really have an inside presence against the zone."

"We have to make more foul shots obviously."

"I think we can play a lot better over a forty-minute period."

"He stepped up and made big shots. You could kind of see it in his eyes."

"He responded as a fifth-year senior should."

"He wasn't afraid to deliver when we needed him to. He did a nice job there for us."

"Hopefully you play enough teams like that and your RPI, who you play... it becomes a big deal."

"They played well. They challenged us."

"BeeJay's first foul, he jumps out on a ball-screen."

"Those guys, we've got to do a better job of teaching those guys, coaching them... they are going to get some fouls. We can't afford those kind of fouls."

"He has to be smarter than that... those guys, we need those guys to play better and we need them to be more involved offensively."

"Lennard, he's the guy that really doesn't have the talent maybe. He's not the athlete these other guys are, and he gets 13 rebounds tonight and he plays extremely hard. He goes and gets rebounds in traffic. I like that about him. He competes really hard. That's why he plays well for us."

"We were struggling at the four position to guard those guys off the dribble, and I think that's where Lennard can be really good. He struggled tonight, he and Malik but I think those guys can be pretty good guarding that perimeter-type forward. Outside of that, I thought Lennard did a great job tonight."

"He's a coach on the floor. I'm going to date everybody, a long time ago. I remember when I got drafted by the Pistons and they had Dennis Rodman pre-stuff... pre-everything. I can remember him as a forward, calling plays, telling everybody where to go. He was so smart."

"Trevor, whether it's a matchup defensively, he has a great basketball mind there. He steps forward... I like that about him. He's very smart."

"He's going to do a lot for our team this year."

"I thought he rushed a couple early. Those, I thought they had no chance of coming in. My son played on the same AAU team as [Turner]. I've watched him and known him forever. He's always been a really good shooter. He has that little hitch... but he's got great follow-through, and he's got confidence."

"At this point in college it's hard to change somebody's shot. It's really hard."

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