Pollard Visits NC State

Southern Pines (NC) Pinecrest junior offensive lineman Sean Pollard talks about his weekend visit to NC State.

Pinecrest (Southern Pines) NC 2016 OL Sean Pollard will keep NC State in mind because he believes the coaching staff is doing something right.
For Pollard it’s as simple as two columns. Wins and losses. NC State will be playing in a bowl game this year and that’s a sign of progress. The Pack has doubled their win output from Dave Doeren’s first year and Pollard was there to see them reach postseason eligibility in person against Wake Forest although he wasn’t too happy with a youthful decision his friends made that led him to miss the end of the game.
“I left in the third quarter because it was so cold. My friends were dumb and wore shorts so they were shivering and just cold. But I had a great time there.”
Pollard had promised the coaching staff that he would make it to a game.
“I’m a man of my word,” he said.
He had never experienced game day in Carter-Finley Stadium. Pollard had been to other schools. NC State measured up well against the other places he’s been to.
“They definitely know how to take care of their recruits. There was good food and they made it fun. I got to talk to coach before the game. I’ve got a couple of former teammates up there. Jackson Maples, Bryce Kennedy, and Nick Lacy. Nick Lacey played with my brother. I played with Jackson last year. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. His brother is really good friends with me. I know Bryce pretty well for him to be older than me. They're obviously doing something right. They're bowl eligible and getting better."
Pollard visited Clemson two weeks ago. Usually when high school football players take college visits in the fall they try to catch the biggest possible game. But Pollard wasn’t even interested in watching a game. He visited during a bye week.
“My mom hadn’t seen the school and she’s not one of those people that loves the gameday experience. She’s really my biggest fan and would rather see me play than other people so we just went up to see the school.”
Before the trip to Clemson the last visit Pollard took was to Duke.
“There are some schools that I’d say are standing out but I don’t want to say anything because of the pressure (that brings).

Pollard is rated a three star prospect by Scout.com.

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