PC: Brissett, Jones Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Jacoby Brissett and Hakim Jones discuss the upcoming game against North Carolina.

Jacoby Brissett

"It's going to be a great atmosphere."

"They've been playing really well the past two weeks. We just have to come out and play physical, start fast."

"That's what you come to college for."

"Of course because that's pretty much just stomping in your yard and it's kind of disrespectful, but everything they did last year, it doesn't matter."

"It's different but it's much more different when you can see it in the film room."

"They played hard versus Duke. They stuck it to them early and kept fighting the whole game."

"We have to understand our plan and go execute it."

"We really have to make the most of our possessions this week."

"The last couple of weeks Underwood has been coming along and been more explosive in our offense. They know who Underwood is, there's no hiding that."

"They have to account for him and it opens up other people."

"They are playing smarter and harder. You can tell they've been playing for something."

"They've been playing offense and defense very well."

Hakim Jones

"It goes hand-and-hand. This year has been focused on having a better season than last season."

"It's our biggest rivalry we're going to play... being able to beat them and go on to have a seven-win season, potentially an eight-win season would be one of the best things we could do."

"It means so much, seeing that those guys have the same passion for beating Carolina as we do."

"I think a lot of him. I've seen him play a lot actually, between watching film, watching him live, and in the Duke game. He's very hesitant for the most part because he runs the ball a lot. After you hit him a few times he basically almost quits because he doesn't like to get hit, although he runs the ball a lot in the game. Once you hit him a few times he's going to hesitate going to the hole. He's going to start thinking of other options."

"It was definitely a Carolina team that I haven't seen before because they really dominated Duke that game. So, they were able to make a lot of big plays... they gained a lot of yards off simple plays like screens, and simple runs, people missing tackles. It's definitely something we've got to stop."

"It's not going to be a problem at all because our offense is one of the fastest offenses you'll ever see. We were forced to go against that the whole spring, the whole summer."

"The first few plays he runs the ball it's all hard runs, but once you start hitting him... we were seeing last year, when Pittman hit him, even after that, after they played us."

"He just runs the ball so much. That's why he has the numbers that he has."

"They have a lot of shifty guys capable of making plays, #13 and #3... we definitely have to tackle in space."

"It definitely means a lot. I grew up hating Carolina because my brother went here and he always stressed how much he hated seeing Carolina Blue. He'd never let me buy anything Carolina Blue."

"Thunder, he didn't even know me then, our strength coach. He got real mad at me when I was a kid because I had on some Carolina Blue shorts. He told me I couldn't come back in [the weight room] until I changed my shorts. I had to go back downstairs and they gave me a pair of shorts in the training room... I was probably about ten years old then. That's when I realized how serious a deal it was."

"Definitely. It's always half blue and half red whenever we play there... we have a much great fanbase so I feel like there will be a whole lot of Red there."

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