AUDIO: Gottfried Talks Richmond

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Richmond.

Mark Gottfried

"I think we're a team that's getting better. We're probably like a lot of teams where we feel like we can improve a lot throughout the year, and I think there's a lot of room to do that."

"We didn't finish the game well at all, but that's something we worked on a lot the last couple of days."

"We're playing against some pretty good teams too. They are going to challenge us these next couple of weeks."

"It does help you when you have to prepare and get ready, and make adjustments during the game."

"When you play better teams you're always going to get challenged in a better way."

"We're going to learn a lot about who we are."

"We have a lot of new pieces and we have a lot of youth. They are learning. We all want them to grow up real fast, but sometimes you can't speed that process up."

"Trevor has been good. Even though it's his first year here, he's older."

"Our younger guys have to take big steps. Big steps... and get themselves ready to play in a great conference when we get to January."

"Well, if Trevor is no where near where he thinks he ought to be we are in good shape because I think he's been pretty good. When you sit out it takes you a little bit of time... but Trevor has been really good for our team so far."

"He's a coach on the floor, he's cerebral... he's consistently thinking and making suggestions. We're thankful we have him."

"[Richmond's starting guards] are small, but they are really good players. They aren't very tall and sometimes you can find ways to take advantage of that and sometimes you aren't able to. They are both really good players, I know that, and they both can score the ball. We'll have our hands full with them."

"It will be a combination [of who guards Richmond's Anthony]. I think Cat starts there but Trevor will play some there, Desmond will come in... both twins can be on those perimeter guys. The one thing with the twins is they give us some length. I like that, some size and some length. Hopefully that can be a factor for us against smaller, quicker guys."

"When you lose 50 or 60 pounds it gives you a chance because the obvious thing happens. You get more athletic."

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