Doeren: "It Was A Great Performance"

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the win over North Carolina.

NC State Press Conference

"I'm very, very proud of the NC State Wolfpack football team and our coaching staff and our players and their preparation."

"For two games in a row we dominated an in-state opponent, and that's what it was. 388 yards rushing and held them to 30. It was a great performance in all three phases by a bunch of different people."

"We asked Jacoby to run the football today because we knew they'd have a problem with it and he did a great job."

"Sometimes things are just right, and they were right today for a lot of reasons. I'm really proud to be here for this win, the way it was won."

"It's a great springboard for our bowl preparation."

"Obviously, we only get to play two in-state teams this year and for our schedule we are state champions and proud to be that way."

"We look forward to whoever we get to play."

"Like I said all along, we are getting better and we're moving towards where we want to be."

"This is a blue-collar school. This is a work-ethic, hands-in-the-dirt school."

"It's founded by tough people, and that's what this football team will be and that's what we were today."

"I loved our gameplan and how it was executed."

"I'm very proud of our guys for representing NC State and the alumni the right way."

"We knew that they would come out talking a lot, and we felt like if we could be physical, come out and get our hands on them... get in gaps, there's a lot of different formational things we could take advantage of."

"Coach Huxtable deserves a lot of credit man. He had a lot of good things going on, especially when you talk about how fast you have to look at their offensive formations and check into certain movements. He did a phenomenal job today."

"Our strength staff deserves some of it, the way we played for four quarters."

"The gameplan was to run the football, keep their offense off the field, dominate the clock, and finish drives."

"We had a lot of things that we felt if we were physical would work."

"I care a lot about their efforts."

"It's a big deal. For us to be the champions of this conference some day, and that's what I want us to be and why I came here. We need the whole thing. We need the players, the facilities, the fans, and we need everybody to get the whole picture of what we're trying to build."

"I talked to Jacoby in my office and said there's two No. 12's playing in this game and I think you're the best one so why don't you go show everybody because that's all we've been talking about is the other guy."

"He said, 'I got you coach and I will.' He did. He played his butt off today. I'm proud of him."

"Whenever you run your quarterback you're plus-1 in the running game."

"We haven't done a ton of it. We don't have a lot of depth yet at quarterback so we haven't been able to do that."

"None of you [saw this coming], but we did. I'm just telling you right now. I love that you guys all picked them to win because that just helped me. Do it again next year."

"We believe in this team, and I believe in these kids. We believe in this plan."

"It's always going to be about how well you execute and how physical you are. It's a matter of getting them to understand that all the time. In the games we've played well we were physical, we took care of the football, and we were disruptive on defense."

"We just have to keep preaching it, talking about it... as we get more depth and more playmakers it will open up more and more things that we can do."

"He was saying what all of us were saying. It's not what we needed to say in the press conference, right? He is the guy that stirs their drink on offense. He's a really good player. When you hit a really good player repetitively it's hard."

"We didn't want to do it any other way but clean, but we wanted to tackle him, hit him hard, and get a lot of people to him. We didn't want him to beat us. The guys did a great job of executing."

"I'm proud of Shad, really proud of him... Shad had a tremendous two weeks of practice. He was focused and locked in and we rode him, and I told him we would because of the way he worked in practice."

"We're on the road starting Sunday. Call me next week, but I think we'll have some good balance in the state. I got a lot of great text messages from high school coaches in this state wishing us luck in this game."

"All those things are showing where we're going."

"It's great being 30 minutes apart. Larry and his staff do a good job and their players play hard, but it's our year to talk about the win. Last year was their win, and we're going to enjoy it."

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