Thompson Hoping For Wolfpack Offer

Junior College defensive tackle Darnell Thompson is a Raleigh (NC) native, and he's hoping for an offer from NC State.

NC State doesn’t recruit JUCOs as much as some schools but you’re selling yourself short if you don’t keep that option open. One player from those ranks considers NC State his dream offer.
At least it’s Darnell Thompson’s dream offer among those that he feels he can aspire to. Thompson might be studying at the junior college in Highland, KS but he’s from Raleigh and attended Wakefield until graduating in 2013. His family is still in the area.
The Wolfpack have been talking to Thompson for a while and last week he was on campus. In fact even though he has deep ties and history in the area he had never visited NC State before then.
“I was at their practice this week over Thanksgiving break since I was back from the JUCO. We were talking over practice and I think they’ve got interest. I was just around the football stadium. I saw the weight room and the meeting rooms. I went to their practice and saw some of the practice. I saw some of the stuff they go through in practice and what they do as a team. Coach Nielsen the defensive line coach was talking to me and saying that they like me and they like my film. They wanted to make sure I finish out strong with my grades. They like me a lot. They have not offered yet.”
Sometimes players keep their true thoughts and opinions on schools quiet. Either they don’t want to tip their hand and scare other schools off or they enjoy the attention that comes with being a recruit. Thompson doesn’t seem to care for that either way.
“I would go to NC State if they offer,” said the defensive lineman. “It’s right down the street from where I’m from. It’s fifteen minutes from my house. My family could come see me play. I wouldn’t be far away from home. But they haven’t offered yet. I figure they will but it’s a process. It’s a business so I’m waiting.”
He can afford to wait for now. Thompson does have offers from Ohio, USM, Appalachian State, WKU, Tennessee State and Lamar. It looks like Alabama-Birmingham is ready to shut down its football program but they had offered Thompson too.
Thompson says Oregon, Arizona State and Illinois have talked to him in the past but those schools don’t seem to have as much interest as the Wolfpack.
His numbers have been modest this year. Three sacks, a pass defended, two fumble recoveries. But Thompson has the size to be a factor right away. He cannot enroll in January but he will be somewhere in May and ready to provide immediate depth and hopeful to contend for a spot on the two deep somewhere. He will have three years to play once he transfers.

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