Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Wake Forest.

Mark Gottfried

"It was a good win for our team. I thought as the game progressed we got better. We started really slow."

"We just seemed to be out of sorts offensively, but I thought we settled in and finished out the half pretty well."

"It's nice to get an ACC win here and do it on a night whe nwe started so slowly."

"We executed our offense a lot better in the second half. We got good shots, we got the right shots."

"We're a team that's still learning, we're a work-in-progress and nowhere near where I think we can be."

"I have great confidence in Ralston. He just stays with it... he's going to eventually make them if he gets good looks."

"I thought our guys, both Trevor and Cat, did a nice job of getting him the ball. We ran some things to get him coming off screens, our guys did a great job screening for him."

"Once he made a couple that was big."

"They've heard me say execute your offense about 500 times in the last three days. In the second half they really did a better job of executing and getting the right shots."

"We've just got to keep getting better, but I thought in the second half we got high-percentage shots for our players."

"At halftime we decided we're going to go over the ball screens and show on ball screens."

"Madison and Codi didn't have that green light just running through the lane. We couldn't catch up to the in the first half."

"Cat did a much better job there."

"Part of that is because I was demanding so much that they execute."

"Everybody was positive, every timeout was positive."

"With Ralston, I have great confidence in that guy. When he gets open looks, he's pretty deadly."

"Sometimes it's hard to get those guys in there, the young guys."

"I've got to get Malik in there a little more, and if he makes some mistakes, that's okay. I thought he relaxed and he played pretty good. He rebounded the ball really well, made a couple of shots. I just think he's going to get better the more opportunities he gets."

"I think right now offensively those guys, Ralston, Trevor, and Cat are a little ahead offensively than our bigger guys."

"Our perimeter guys are just a little bit ahead."

"Those things probably helped us some."

"I thought Cat did a great job with it. He got over every screen, fought like crazy, and set the tone defensively for us."


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