Turner: Pack Must Be Focused

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior wing Ralston Turner met with the media today to discuss the Wolfpack's season.

Ralston Turner

"They can be unforgiving too. I thought about that today."

"The [rims] are a little bit more forgiving in [Reynolds]."

"Some balls I like and some balls I don't. That's something that needs to be worked out. We'll get in here early and get some shots up."

"We spent half of the summer in here working out because of the renovations at Dail... we've got our floor back so this is probably one of the few times I've been in here in a while."

"They always say if you work hard good things will happen for you."

"They went on the road and beat Ole Miss... they played Florida State tough. We know they are a capable team."

"Anybody can beat you on a given day."

"We just need to focus on our opponent and what we have going... try not to let that happen."

"I'm finished with all my projects... I get a nice little break here."

"It's a little different.. outside our regular routine."

"When it's over tomorrow we have to get some rest and start to focus on the next opponent."

"You also get a chance to get some rest. We're not walking around campus all day... you don't have to get up early."

"We need to tweak some things on defense."

"Also, doing a better job of executing on offense."

"That's the thing when you're playing from opponent to opponent."

"We just need to do a good job of sticking to our principles and doing what coach tell us."

"They are very capable. We aren't looking past them. We'll have to be ready to play tomorrow."

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