Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Ralston Turner and Trevor Lacey met with the media following the loss to Wofford.

Ralston Turner and Trevor Lacey

Trevor Lacey
"I felt pretty good. I got treatment before the game and made sure it stayed loose."

"We celebrated and thought the game was over but they called it off. We saw the tapes. I have to do better to get it off."

"After the timeout that play was drawn up for me. The last two calls the plays were drawn for me."

"I just have to be better to get the shot off... we executed well. It's on me to be more aware of the clock."

"The play was actually for Ralston, the big held on me... Kyle was open. I'm going to give anybody the ball when they are open."

Ralston Turner
"When we were up nine we kind of felt like we had a little cushion, but we knew they were a veteran team."

"We knew we had to keep playing."

"I was guarding the one guy on the backdoor. All I saw was him catching it."

"It was kind of a blur, but those two plays hurt us."

"I don't think this one hurts us worse than Central. I think we played hard, but they just played better."

"They are a veteran team. They know how to play."

"They were really solid. The made it tough on us to score."

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