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SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- Lincolnton (NC) defensive end Darian Roseboro, a NC State commitment, was in warm-ups this morning when North Carolina started practice for the upcoming Shrine Bowl.

Lincolnton (NC) defensive end Darian Roseboro, a NC State commitment, was in warm-ups this morning when North Carolina started practice for the upcoming Shrine Bowl.

"I had something come up that involved my family, but I'll be good to go," said Roseboro. "I had to get a check-up like everybody else had to do, but since I got here late I wasn't able to get it yet. I'll get that today and I'll be practicing tomorrow."

"It was pretty cool seeing how enthusiastic the players are. Everybody wants to beat South Carolina, it's a North Carolina-South Carolina thing. It's been fun. I really didn't like sitting on the side watching, but just being out here around the players, it's been fun."

Roseboro has been in Spartanburg just a couple of days, and he admits that he's been actively recruiting for the Wolfpack. Earlier this morning one of the Wolfpack's top targets, Garner (NC) athlete Nyheim Hines released that he would be announcing his decision on Friday, and Hines has been a player that Roseboro is recruiting.

"I'm pretty excited," Roseboro stated when asked about Hines and his decision. "I hope he comes to [NC] State. I've been recruiting the crap out of him. I'm going to continue recruiting him and blow his phone up until he commits. Until he signs anything, I'm still going to recruit him."

While Hines isn't in Spartanburg, two of the Wolfpack's other top targets, Princeton (NC) tailback Johnny Frasier and New Bern (NC) cornerback Mike Hughes, are. Frasier and Roseboro started building a relationship at NC State's game against Florida State.

"We've got pretty close over the past couple of days," Roseboro said of Frasier. "He's a really good guy. He's very respectful, he has manners... he was brought up the right way. That's something we look for at State. I think he'd be able to come in and have a big impact at State."

As for Hughes, it sounds like he's also been hearing a recruiting pitch from Roseboro. An early enrollee, Hughes will make his decision in the next couple of weeks.

"Oh yeah, I've been in Mike's ear since I've been here," stated Roseboro. "I told him that State was the place for him. I told him that if he wanted to come in and have a big impact State is the place to come.

"I think they've done a pretty good job [recruiting Mike]. I have faith in our coaching staff. They are great coaches and great recruiters. I wouldn't have told him to come to State if I didn't believe it was a good place."

Roseboro isn't the only NC State commitment slated to participate in the Shrine Bowl. He's joined by Durham (NC) lineman Emanuel McGirt, Eastern (NC) Guilford safety Jarius Morehead, and Southern (NC) Guilford tailback Reggie Gallaspy.

How has the time been with the other commitments?

"It's been good," said Roseboro. "Just getting to hangout with Emanuel and Johnny, and I've been recruiting the heck out of Mike. Reggie... just building that relationship we'll have in college. It's been really cool.

"These guys are not only great football players, but they have great character. Having guys on your team that are more like a family... you play together and if you lose, you lose as a team and you win as a team. It's been great hanging out together."

Just a couple of weeks away from enrolling at NC State, Roseboro couldn't hide his excitement.

"I'm really excited to get in the weight room and compete with the team," he said, smiling. "I'm ready to be a part of the team and get ready for next season."

Lincolnton (NC) Defensive End Darian Roseboro

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