Doeren: "It Is Exciting"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the upcoming bowl game against Central Florida.

Dave Doeren

"It is exciting to have a postseason press conference about a bowl game."

"We have had a couple days to really hone in on Central Florida. It kind of just shows you what you already knew."

"The last five years they have been 9-3, 11-1, 10-4, they had a 5-7 year in there and 11-3. A very good football team that has been able to sustain success. They have won three of their last bowl games."

"When you watch the film they are just a team that is well-coached, that doesn't beat themselves, that has good players, that finds a way to win. When you win 22 of your last 24 conference games, obviously guys believe that they are going to win."

"It is going to be a great football game against a very impressive team."

"Our guys have gotten some good practices. We've gotten five what we call 'developmental' practices in. Today is our last day of final exams, so guys will finish up that part of their workload. We have gotten some god lifts in, some good chance to see some of our redshirt freshmen go out there and get some reps while resting our older guys, get them healthy."

"Tomorrow we will start our exclusive UCF-prep game-plans and working on our team in all three phases."

"We have been more disruptive. More tackles in the backfield, more tackles for losses, more hits--which in turn has led to more takeaways on defense."

"I think that was the disappointment. We weren't able to four-man rush to create the disruption we needed. I think Coach Huxtable deserves some credit. We have also had some young players get better on defense. Our older players started playing the way they are capable as the year went on."

"I don't think you can ever discount player development. I think that is what bowl practice allows. Also, from a recruiting standpoint, players want to play in the postseason and if you are a team that does that it will help you in a recruiting battle."

"I also think success breeds success. I think the standard of play, when they know that this is what they should be able to do, the bar just gets raised. every time you do something like that."

"For us, this is step one, and a needed step for our program, and now the next part of the step is winning the bowl game. That is where all of our focus will be for the next 10 days." "It has been two years without coaching in [a bowl game]. It is always exciting. It is progress when you are not going to home for Christmas."

"That is a big deal, to be somewhere else and celebrate that. We always have to pick a different day to unwrap gifts with our family and when you are doing that it means you are winning games. I am really thankful to be in it and I am thankful for our staff and our players for getting us there."

"I love what happened in the last two games, but that what I see us as being. I want to get back to being well-balanced. I think if you looked at the end of year, statistically we were a balanced football team."

"It is just we weren't balanced in all the games we played. Some because we couldn't be because we were down, like the Clemson game."

"If at the end of the year, if we could average 500 yards of total offense and be 250 in the run game and 250 or around there in the pass game, scoring more than 40 points, that would be my ideal offense. We want to be able to dictate what we do."

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