Hines: "Let's Win The ACC"

GARNER, N.C. -- Pack Pride spoke with Garner (NC) standout Nyheim Hines shortly after he announced his verbal commitment to NC State.

Pack Pride spoke with Garner (NC) standout Nyheim Hines shortly after he announced his verbal commitment to NC State.


You told me earlier that you committed to the NC State coaches last week. What was their reaction?
They were excited, but they couldn't be too excited because I told them not to tell anyone. I wanted it to be a secret.

I'm sure they are really excited now that it's out there. I'll probably call them after this, and we'll have a good old time on the phone.

Was it during your in-home visit with Coach Doeren?
Yes, actually my dad said it first. I didn't know my dad had said it so I called them afterwards and said, "Let's win the ACC."

What was it that sold you on NC State?
I just visited a lot of places and woke up and knew where I wanted to go to college.

I'm really happy about it. I grew up cheering for NC State and that helped out a lot... growing up a State fan.

I really like the coaches. Coach Doeren and I have become real close, and I really like coach Kitchings.

I guess in this process it's about who you can't tell no, not who you can say yes to.

Talk about your relationship with coach Kitchings.
At first he had to grow on me and we've talked more and more. I've met his family... his wife, Mrs. Heather, and I've met his children. It was great. Hopefully I'll play XBox with them one of these days.

We have a great relationship.

How do you fit their offense?
A lot of different ways.

We use a lot of two-back sets with running backs in the backfield. I can move out to slot and play some receiver.

I can also help in the return game, kickoffs and punts. I like doing those things. Hopefully if I do what I'm supposed to I can get on the field.

Prospects are recruiting more than ever now after they make their decision. Are there any guys you plan on trying to get to join you at NC State?
Mike Hughes.

I'll be talking to Mike Hughes all weekend because I heard he's committing on Monday. I've been texting him all week. I've been keeping up with him.

I want him to be my teammate.

What do you think of him as a player?
He's an athlete. You have to surround yourself with great players, right? Great players attract other great players, and he's a great player.

He's going to attract players when he commits, and hopefully I can do that now.

I want him to stay in-state. I've seen him play before. I'd really like him to be on my team.

NC State also has a commitment from tailback Reggie Gallaspy. How do you feel like you two can work together?
Thunder and Lightning.

He'll be the power, and I'll be the speed. If he's in the backfield I'll move out to the slot and vice versa. I don't really have a problem with it.

I really think... we've been talking about it, we know how it's going to work. We've looked at the film with the coaches. It's going to work out great.

NC State improved from three wins to seven this year. Did that stick out to you?
Coach Doeren has a track record of it. He's done it at several places. I don't have to name them, everybody knows it.

That's a big jump, four games. Hopefully we'll win more than seven next year.

Talk about the class NC State has put together.
It's a great class. I've looked at it, and know all about it. We have great players... guys like Roseboro and McGirt.

There's a lot of great people coming. Hopefully we can come in and take the team to the next level.

Finally, how excited are you to have this off your chest... to be done with your recruitment?
It's great. I was feeling a lot of pressure. Honestly, I feel like a monkey has jumped off my back.

I feel like it's the right decision. My family is definitely happy about it.

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