AUDIO: Abu, Lacey Talk Syracuse

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Abdul-Malik Abu and Trevor Lacey discuss tomorrow's game against Syracuse.

Abdul-Malik Abu

"We're just all pretty hyped up to play and get ready for the ACC Tournament."

"It's big, we want to keep our momentum going and have a steady rhythm... just make a run deep in the tournament."

"He's a fantastic player and this is his last game in a Syracuse uniform. We're expecting his best shot, but our job is to go out there and stop him. That's what we're going to go and do, hopefully."

"I watched Syracuse a lot growing up."

"Against a zone like Syracuse you have to stay aggressive... stay assertive and have poise in the middle."

"That's a dream come true for them to leave on top, especially their last home game. That's our job to go out there and help them out."

"He is a free-spirited guy. He's always positive, always happy."

"Ralston is going to laugh a little bit, you just have to get him going."

"When Ralston shoots the ball you think it's going in every time. I still have to crash the glass, but you just always have that confidence the shot is going in."

"If he misses, you have even more confidence the next one is going in."

"I just see him as any other player I've matched up against. Your job is to slow him down and get stops."

"It's very important. You can live and die with jumpshots bu the inside is a more efficient game... getting shots at the rim, putbacks, offensive rebounds. It's our job to stay hungry on the glass and have poise in the middle."

Trevor Lacey

"We want to finish the season out strong, end it on a positive note. We're playing for something and we want to make the tournament so every game matters."

"They are going to come to play. We have to come out to match their intensity and win the game."

"We were actually joking in Louisville... we give him little jokes, but he makes it. His percentages, you just let him keep going, let him shoot it. He's making it."

"We try to give him the ball where he's comfortable."

"His first two years he didn't make the NCAA Tournament... he's all about us winning. It's not really a selfish thing, but he wants his last year to be a memorable year. He wants to make the tournament and make a run."

"I've never actually seen it in person, but watching it on TV and the game we played against them last year they are long, active, and they trap the corners."

"You have to make shots. You have to get in the lane and create for others. It's easy to settle against a zone, take a lot of three's, but we have to believe in our preparation that we've been doing the last couple of days."

"You have to be smart with where you go with the ball next. When you get in the middle of the zone you should come to a jump-stop where you're not out of control... when we penetrate we have to make the right play."

"Teams try to make players uncomfortable and make quick decisions... hopefully turn them over."

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