Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the loss to West Virginia.

Mark Gottfried

"Let me start off and say that I thought in the first half of the game their pressure bothered us."

"We played like a young team and they looked like there was blood in the water for the sharks in the first half."

"We didn't play with a lot of poise, and I thought that was to their credit."

"In the second half we settled down, we played. We handled the pressure much better."

"They got us flustered and we didn't handle that very well."

"Staten there late in the game he just took it over."

"He had four or five possessions in a row where he took the game over."

"They are obviously much more experienced than we are, and I thought they played that way."

"We've got a couple of games before we get there... I have challenged those big guys, I've talked to them, I've tried my best so far."

"BeeJay plays 20 minutes and gets four rebounds, Kyle gets two rebounds, Malik gets two rebounds. At some point maybe I need to look at playing four guards. We need to have more production, it's just that simple."

"I have to keep challenging those guys, but we may have to look at some things."

"We need a lot more field goals, rebounds, offensive rebounds, all of those things."

"They are good at it, it's what they do. I thought we got in a hurry."

"I thought after the half we settled down and handled the pressure much better."

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