Cherry: "It Should Be A Good Game"

Pack Pride checks in with sophomore wide receiver Bra'lon Cherry about the upcoming bowl game against Central Florida.

Pack Pride checks in with sophomore wide receiver Bra'lon Cherry about the upcoming bowl game against Central Florida.


What do you have to learn about having that consistency for next year?
I need to just keep working hard and it will pay off. In the long run, everything will work out.

Thinking back to last year at this time, how much have you improved?
I've improved a lot. Route-running, catching the ball. Basically everything that I worked on in the offseason, it's showing up in the games.

Is it nice to go to a warm location for the bowl game?
I'm pretty much ready for the warm weather. I'm kind of tired of the cold weather.

It should be a good game. With the good weather, there should be no excuses.

How rewarding has it been to be a part of a team that's turned it around so dramatically this year after everything you went through last season?
We made a big change from last year and came out with a pretty good season. Last year we only won three games, and we have a chance to win eight.

It's a big difference, and I like the way it's going.

What was the difference in the offense coming down the stretch?
Everybody has confidence to know that we can run the ball and throw the ball. We're going to try and put as many points on the board as we can.

What does Jacoby Brissett mean to this team?
He's a big key to the team. Everybody looks up to him. We feed off what he does, and he feeds off what we do. We're just all together making plays.

Are you looking forward to days like this having an indoor practice facility in the future?
I'm ready for it to come in. We'll probably practice in the rain a few times, but we know we can always go inside too.

What is your biggest growth from last year?
I would say my confidence level.

I think my confidence has gone up a lot, and I'm trying to make plays instead of waiting for them to come to me.

I'd rather just go ahead and make it happen.

You haven't played in a bowl game. Have you picked the brain of some of your older teammates?
I've been asking around, and they are telling me it's a great experience and I'll love it.

They tell you about the gifts?
Yeah, they told me about the gifts. I picked on already. I'm just going to see how it is when I get it.

What did you pick?
I picked a Samsung Chromebook. My laptop just broke so I needed one.

You talk about the nice weather... you're staying on the beach, but you're playing indoors.
We played indoor at Syracuse. It's not too cold, and it's not too hot. It's perfect weather. We just have to ball out.

How long will the high of that UNC game last?
I think it will last 365 days until we play them again and try to do the same thing.

What's the mood of the team now that you're playing for a bowl?
It's a relief. We reached our goal that we got to a bowl game. Last year we didn't so it's a big thing.

We're loving it.

What are your thoughts on Central Florida?
I've seen a few games with them. I saw they beat ECU.

I think we can handle them and come out with the win.

How important are those extra bowl practices?
We can get a lot better. We can work ahead, try to win the bowl game, and get better for next year.

The late turnaround, what has it been for you, now being able to possibly win eight games?
We all feel better than what we did last year.

Last year we lost [nine] games, and everybody was feeling down, but still trying to win.

Now that we're actually winning, everybody's head is high and the confidence level is high. We're just trying to have fun and play the game.

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