Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Louisiana Tech.

Mark Gottfried

"To me that's a character win."

"It's a sign of great character in a team."

"I'm not sure you can make a comeback like we did if you don't have great character."

"It's easy to point a finger, blame someone else,drop your head... our young guys didn't do that one time. They cheered for each other and pulled together."

"They made a phenomenal comeback against a very, very good basketball team."

"They shot it right back up to six and a lot of times that's when the air leaves the tank."

"We came right back with a second surge which was amazing."

"Kyle started the second half and kind of got us going offensively."

"A lot of different guys stepped up offensively and defensive and made huge plays."

"Malik and Kyle get 21 points.. we needed them on a night when Ralston struggled."

"We need more from our interior guys, other guys... they both did a great job down the stretch."

"Trevor just makes big shot after big shot after big shot."

"Our young, big guys have to keep coming and we need to go to them more."

"We need scoring from some other places."

"I thought that Cat played really smart tonight."

"Even a couple of times in the break late in the game... he made the right decision to back it out knowing they were going to foul."

"All around it was a terrific night I thought for Cat."

"Defenders will back off of him and give him a jumpshot, and I think he can still go by them."

"They got through screens better."

"They are good by the way. That's a good basketball team."

"We have to generate some points here at some point."

"He did get us going, I thought his baskets did get us going."

"I sprinkled some magic free throw dust on our team."

"Step up there with courage... you have to have some courage and just say I'm making them."

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