Doeren: "It Was A Great Season"

ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the win over Central Florida.

NC State Press Conference

Dave Doeren
"I'm really proud of these players and proud to be their coach. It was a great season with a really, really strong finish."

"The guys bought all the way in last offseason and learned how to be physically and mentally tough."

"A lot of players played and made plays throughout the season."

"There isn't one single player or coach that deserves the credit. Everyone does. That's what this team is about, working together."

"Being happy for the guys around you... there's a lot of stories in that locker room, a lot of happy, but also sad guys because it's the last time they'll get to play with these seniors. I'm glad we sent them out the way we did."

"It's a good football team we beat."

"That was a good win against a very good opponent."

"I think the last three games were really good games. We played really well against Wake Forest and for some reason we don't get credit for that win. They beat Virginia Tech the week after."

"I just think the turning point in the season was that Louisville trip. WE played really well and lost and saw that we were so close to turning the corner."

"The guys, their confidence just skyrocketed from there and we just got better and better as we went on."

"We felt like we needed to get some designed runs going for him."

"Having more depth next year, we'll see if that's a bigger package or not, but we have some really good backs on the team."

"It was disappointing that we didn't get points, but to respond with the way we did."

"Coach Canada really mixed it up. I thought he called a good game."

"I just really like the way we ran the ball... at a certain point in the game we kind of showed how strong we are there."

"They did a good job coming back, and we were able to finish."

"Matt just felt like we ran that formation three times and tossed it all three times to Shad. We thought that they would be formationally tied in to our tendencies... they really didn't. They had a safety back, but Jay Sam just made a great play."

"That throwback to Jacoby, we've been repping that play for months, and he was begging for it on the sidelines. He said it was going to be a touchdown, but at least it was a completion."

"[Thornton] got better as the year went on. He had 96 yards today. Matt had 82 yards, Jacoby had 31... that's a team that usually gives up 95 yards rushing a game, so for us to run for 187 and pass for 300 says a lot about the offense."

"We're headed in the right direction. To go from 3 to 8 wins, to win 4 of the last 5. We're recruiting really well, and we redshirted some good players."

"We were the third-youngest team in college football and got better as the year went on."

"That was the thing I was most proud of, just the improvement the team had as the season went."

"There are a lot of positive things going on at State right now."

"The offseason program, these guys took it to another level."

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