Pack One Of First To Offer Overton

NC State is one of the first schools to offer Greensboro (NC) Page wide receiver Diondre Overton.

Diondre Overton’s brother Montese is a starting linebacker for East Carolina. The Pirates would love for him to follow in his older brother’s footsteps but his decision isn’t going to be easy.

Diondre is going to have more offers to choose from than his older brother. That alone will make his choice more difficult. Then when you consider that ACC schools like NC State and Clemson have offered it might be tough for him to pass up the chance to play in one of the country’s top conferences.

Overton isn’t eliminating anybody yet. He has not even named a favorite. The Page High School receiver does admit that when he found out Clemson offered that was a big moment for him.

“That really caught my eye because I wasn’t really expecting that. That’s a top, top D-1 school. I’ve watched them a little bit. From what they were telling me it sounds like they’re the best school for wide receivers. Wide Receiver U. They put receivers in the NFL. I believe I’m looking to go down there on January 31 for a junior day with my family.”

Clemson has visited Page H.S. Tennessee, North Carolina, East Carolina and Old Dominion have too. Overton might not be the only player coaches are looking at from Page but he stands out and he’s hard to miss when he’s playing. He’s one of the state’s biggest (6-6, 195) receivers and he’s only going to get bigger.

If you were to ever seen Overton and assume he looks more like a basketball player than a receiver he would have to forgive you. He does play basketball and he has an offer from Virginia Tech.

“I took an unofficial visit up there to Virginia Tech. I really love the campus and I feel like it’s a nice school up there in the mountains.”

Overton started visiting NC State as a basketball recruit before the football coaches even knew about him. Basketball is the sport that first captured his heart and Overton was convinced he would be playing basketball in college. The last year has shaken everything up.

He said he started to play football this year hoping it would improve his strength and make him more physical on the court. Usually it’s the other way around with football players trying out hoops to improve their quickness, footwork and endurance.

His experiment may have changed his future.

“I think for some people basketball’s more exciting or they see it that way. Also some kids are afraid of the contact in football. Right now it’s looking like football might be the way I go though.”

Overton had played football up until the sixth grade but it had been a long time since he had put on a helmet and pads. Immediately he made an impact and may have found his calling. Overton’s 11 touchdown passes made him Page’s top receiving threat. He was not just a big play receiver either. He was someone that filled the stat sheet from the start of the game to the end and from the first game to the last. He had 70 catches and 1,200 yards.

Even while Overton was putting up those numbers he was still thought of as a basketball recruit. Not until his coach posted his junior film online and college coaches saw it did things start to change.

“I really didn’t get much attention during the season,” he remembers.

His offers have all come in the past couple of weeks and they have been a big surprise. Overton attended an NC State football camp in the summer before he had ever played a game of high school football. Those camp settings tend to favor players that are more refined as route runners and those who have competed in like events before.

NC State did not offer him coming out of that camp. In fact Overton said the coaches did not even give him much attention. He may have been big and he may have had pretty good speed but he wasn’t well known and didn’t stand out.

When the games started and the lights went on Overton found his groove.

NC State and Old Dominion offered him on the same day at almost exactly the same time. They told his coaches at Page and he told Overton that he had two offers. Clemson and East Carolina offered just after that.

“I kind of figured some colleges loved the way I play based off my film but I didn’t expect it to be that early.”

One reason Overton likes the idea of Clemson is the program is well recognized for an exciting game day atmosphere. That’s something he will think about when making his choice. Overton also wants to attend as many practices as he can over the next couple of years to see how he would respond to the coaching at different schools.

When Overton visits NC State from here on out he will probably do so as more of a football recruit than a basketball player. He has been to football and basketball games at NC State many times beginning last year. The school is only 45 minutes from his home but that might not be as big as a help for the Pack as you think.

“I’m kind of trying to get out and explore more but I wouldn’t mind going somewhere closer either.”

What does help is Overton’s earlier visits to NC State. He does not know as much about Clemson and other schools from personal experience but he does feel at home at NC State.

“Overall the program’s awesome. The education there is also good so that’s a good school for me to look into sports wise and for education. I went to one of their basketball games and they showed me around campus. This past Saturday I went to one of their practices and sat in on a meeting for wide receivers. They’re saying that me and their redshirt quarterback right now would be a good combination.”

Overton is hoping to visit ECU at some future date.

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