Gottfried: "We Have To Rebound"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Cincinnati.

Mark Gottfried

"I missed you."

"Foul shooting... we've had a couple of good days. Our guys were able to take three days off, which is nice."

"We know we're playing a good team in Cincinnati so our guys have been locked in."

"We like to give our guys a couple of days for sure."

"Our guys have come back with a lot of energy and are very excited about playing."

"The way we came back in that game has helped our spirit a little bit. Our guys are ready to go."

"For us the most important thing is taking care of our last non-conference game against Cincinnati."

"We have to take care of that game first. After the Cincinnati game then it's time for us to focus in on the league."

"We've played against some... we've played against teams that have slowed the game down, be physical defensively, and put their body all over you."

"We have to rebound the ball. They may miss it, but they are a team that will go and get it."

"We knew he was a good player when we recruited him, and he's kind of lived up to the billing so far."

"We just can't be a team that only gets scoring from the perimeter. We just have to get some more out of those guys. I think they are developing, they are coming."

"Malik is getting better game-by-game. He's getting more comfortable."

"He's learning defensively the decisions he has to make defensively. I think Malik is game-by-game taking big steps."

"I really like our chemistry, it's really good. We've dropped a couple we think we should have won but our guys have bounced back pretty well."

"We are a better defensive team I think than we were a year ago."

"Hopefully we're a lot better in February than November or December because we're playing so many young guys."

"Duke, Virginia, and Louisville, those three have been tremendously impressive."

"I think there's a lot of parity in our league too."

"That's true every year in the league. You have to find ways to win games you're maybe not expected to win."

"We just have to make sure we're getting better. The league is deep. I'm not sure there are that many bad teams."

"It was a little longer this year... we ended up playing a ton of games prior to and we only have one here after the break."

"Everybody has good legs."

"Their style is the same... they are going to be physical around the backboard, rebound the ball."

"They beat us on the backboard. They were more physical than we were."

"I don't know that any of us in our profession are going to turn down a guy projected to be a one-and-done. We're all going to recruit that guy because in that one year, he could make a difference."

"The tricky part is sometimes guys think they are one-and-done, but they are not... they are there for two or three years and they are really talented players."

"You have to be smart enough to recruit another guy at his position that is going to be a four-year guy."

"I'm of the belief that rule should change... it's the NBA's rule. I'd love to see kids good enough out of high school to be able to go."

"We're just trying to work around it, and it's really not a good rule, as it is today."

"Coaches, we all want the best players. Coaches just adapt, we adapt to the rules."

"A lot of schools, it's hard to replace that guy. It's hard to get another really good player to come and potentially be a backup. Kids don't want to do that."

"He's been phenomenal. I think Bob is one of the best, if not the best in America. The proof is in the pudding. If you look at Richard Howell, Jordan Vandenberg, Trevor Lacey, BeeJay Anya, the list goes on and on."

"I think it says this is a very attractive place."

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