Taylor Hoping For More Pack Interest

Georgia Military wide receiver Dominique Taylor is hoping to hear more from NC State after the Pack reached out to him in December.

The decision to transfer from leading receiver Bo Hines has NC State looking for a late addition to the class of 2015 at wideout. That search has taken them to Georgia Military College.

Dominique Taylor doesn’t have an offer from NC State yet. He has only had one conversation with Des Kitchings. That has been enough to spark a sense of excitement over what might be yet to come. The first week in February will be here before you know it and Taylor is holding out hope that he could be in for a January surprise.

There are reasons for him to be hopeful. In that first conversation with Kitchings the NC State assistant passed along word that the staff knows about Taylor and will talk to him again after the dead period.

“He spoke to me about transcripts and how much I know about NC State. He really wanted to get to know me and gave me the brief about himself. I’ve got no problems with Coach Kitchings. He explained everything to me. Everything about the process and when he would be up to see me. Phone calls and all that. He just told me they’re looking for a big wide receiver that can win the one on ones.”

That’s Taylor’s calling card. He’s 6-3, 205 but offers a quick addendum that he’s “6’4 in cleats.” Taylor said his best 40 is “probably a 4.5” but that’s not exactly a specific time. He did have 510 yards on just 23 catches (22.6) with six touchdowns for Georgia Military this year.

The previous year (2013) Taylor was at Mars Hill University in Asheville so he has a history in North Carolina. Before that he was a high school graduate from Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC. His ties to the Carolinas run deep and Taylor said the interest from NC State is so exciting because he had thought about the school in the past before he had even heard from Kitchings.

Taylor’s journey has taken him places he didn’t think he would end up.

“Two years ago I think I really settled. I really didn’t wait to make my decision. At the time I had Georgia Tech and App State pressing hard on me but they hadn’t offered yet. I wasn’t going to wait. I just wanted to sign on signing day so that’s how I ended up at Mars Hill. I got caught up in the excitement of signing day a little bit. I started the majority of my games there but the competition was a little too low for me and I thought I could do better.”

He has done better. Georgia Military isn’t the ACC but his numbers as a receiver have improved against competition that’s better than what he saw at Mars Hill.

Those moves in the past have cut into Taylor’s eligibility. If he were to sign with a school like NC State he would have two years of eligibility but also a redshirt year to use. Those moves may also pay off if the Wolfpack offers him because he didn’t have an option like that coming out of high school.

“I’d say my interest in NC State is probably an 8.5 on a scale from 1-10 if I had to put a number on it. Coach Kitchings hasn’t talked about a visit yet. We’ve only had that one conversation so far. But just because of that one conversation I actually like NC State.”

One of the coaches from Central Florida reached out to Georgia Military to ask about Taylor. He isn’t sure what if anything will come from that but he’s excited about that as well. James Madison and South Carolina State are involved and he has reached out to Tennessee and South Carolina.

The dead period ends in two weeks and even though the NC State coaches were spending a lot of the last month getting ready for their bowl win they have also been talking about recruiting between themselves. It should not take long to find out whether Taylor is someone NC State will push for a commitment from when the dead period breaks.

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