Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the win over Pittsburgh.

Trevor Lacey

"We gave up a couple of baskets in transition."

"They got a couple of easy buckets in transition to cut the lead. He was upset about that."

"I feel like our performance in the Cincinnati game... he's going to take the blame."

"We came out and played hard. He got into us."

Abdul-Malik Abu

"I feel like everyone is still playing me the same."

"As long as I go out there everyday and work hard in practice and get better, I don't think the film will catch up to me."

"It's all about toughness."

"Our presence inside, to at least try and do something... it helps open up things for Ralston and Trevor."

"It opens a lot of things up for everybody."

"Passion, fire, and intensity... we all love the game, but it's another level."

Ralston Turner

"The last game was uncharacteristic of us. We certainly didn't play the way we needed to play."

"It's about getting our mind right and getting back to the habits that got us here."

"As far as it goes right now, from our last outing, it was a vast improvement."

"They hit a couple of shots, once we got a few breaks things started rolling."

"The main thing he talked to us about was it being a privilege to play and we needed to start playing like it."

"There are 16 more to go."

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