Gottfried: "I'm Proud Of My Team"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- -- Several NC State players met with the media following the win over Pittsburgh.

Mark Gottfried

"I'm proud of my team. They responded very well to... two great days of practice."

"They are learning. It was a step game. We took one step forward... learning how committed you have to be to playing defense."

"We moved our feet, we protected the rim, we helped one another, we had some energy, some intensity."

"I thought that was the biggest factor for our team today."

"Pittsburgh sets a ton of ball screens, they are good at it, and those two guys are our best ball-screen defenders."

"Cody and Caleb both gave us tremendous energy and a tremendous lift. A lot of players played well."

"Ralston was really good. He made some key baskets at key times... they were timely."

"His minutes may not be as many, but he needs to be more productive in the minutes he has."

"We need him to make some shots for our team... that's important, to give our team some perimeter shooting."

"This is a great place, it really is. The fan support, this league, what a privilege to be a part of our program. We talked a lot about that."

"They need to practice everyday and understand what kind of a privilege it truly is to play here, be here."

"Some places, people don't really care too much... we are at a place where our people care."

"It's an unbelievable academic school. There's a hundred things... I can go down the line."

"They responded. They were hurt the other day after the Cincinnati game. They were disappointed, embarrassed."

"It has to be everyday and there has to be some leadership emerge within the group. They have to take ownership in that and hold each other accountable."

"It's not just the coach screaming and yelling everyday. That's not the answer. The answer has to be ownership from them. They know that, and they are learning that."

"Sometimes when you have a large number of younger guys they just look at each other all the time. Nobody is ready to step forward and say, 'Enough. Let's play. Let's go.' Sometimes we're that team a little bit. So, we're going to get there, but today was one step in the right direction."

"We became a little more tougher, mentally."

"I don't know that there was just one thing, but those things stand out."

"We moved our feet better. It sounds simple, but we did."

"Sometimes it's a commitment to making a couple more tough defensive slides."

"We helped each other much differently than we had."

"Sometimes it's hard to get down there to that 9th and 10th guy, but [Cody] has practiced well everyday."

"I told our team in practice that everything is on the table, I'm going to play the guys that play the hardest. The way he played the last two days, he let his play say to me, 'Coach, you better play me. I'm good enough. Play me coach.' He dove on the floor, he blocked shots, he ran the floor, and he earned the right."

"He needs to play and he needs to continue to have chances."

"We're getting there."

"They are coming. They are getting better."

"He played hard, he rebounded well. Offensively he's still learning and coming, but I like a lot of things about the way he plays. He just needs to keep improving. He's doing well."

"You've got to play. Every team, your better players have to play. I don't care if you go to NBA teams... Oklahoma City. If Durant and Westbrook stink, they're probably not very good. Your best players have to play and play well."

"The combination of the two of them against Cincinnati was pretty bad... we need points from everybody, but your best players have to step up and play, and they did today."

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