Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- Kyle Washington and Ralston Turner met with the media following the loss to No. 3 Virginia.

Kyle Washington

"They are a good team and they capitalize on everybody's mistakes really."

"We have a team in Duke coming up and they are No. 2 in the nation. Hopefully we can get this win."

"We played hard and we trusted each other."

"There were a few times where I made a few turnovers and I took a few bad shots that hurt us... I have to do better on that side of the ball."

"We played hard and we matched their intensity."

"It will help us that we played in Charlottesville grow stronger as a unit. Hopefully we see them again. We didn't even play that well in the first half and it was still a one-point game."

"I'm more excited. We have a few good teams coming up so we need to get these W's."

"They are a great defensive team and have great defensive principles."

"We have to keep that in mind and make sure we go to our other options sometimes too."

"I just have high expectations for our team."

"We played to win for 35 minutes and we started to make mental mistakes."

"I came here to win, not just play well and lose at the end."

Ralston Turner

"I just think in the second half, basically there was no help off me."

"Even though they still had no help, also away from the ball they did some things to push us out."

"We still had our chances."

"We just didn't finish."

"We were defending. The last five minutes we had some breakdowns and also we had some turnovers."

"Not really. I don't think we came in thinking about last year. This is a new year."

"We wanted to do the same thing. Give credit to them. They made more plays than we did down the stretch."

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