Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the loss to Virginia.

Mark Gottfried

"We're disappointed because I thought my team competed really hard."

"I think with about eight minutes to go we took the lead, and then we had a drought there. Have to give Virginia credit for that."

"We had some breakdowns that really hurt us. We had some offensive fouls called, we had a couple where we didn't block out... they had two putbacks, two or three in a row."

"We didn't finish the game."

"There were a lot of good things that we did... just didn't do enough and didn't finish the game the last seven or eight minutes as well as we should have."

"The first half they had Perrantes guarding him and I think with Brogdon and Anderson they used a little more size... a little bit tougher for him to get open in the second half. I think that was a credit to them."

"It's always both teams. They are certainly very good defensively, but I thought we were our own worse enemy too. It was kind of half-and-half. We had some empty offensive trips, we missed some foul shots, we had some offensive fouls called on us."

"We start the second half and miss four foul shots to start the second half."

"I think it was 42-41 or something like that with about eight minutes to go. We weren't scoring really well but neither had they. I thought we were playing terrific defense ourselves."

"We did a lot of good things. We defended them really well and had that stretch where we had too many breakdowns."

"Our defense is getting better. Obviously that 10-0 run hurt us, but we did a lot of good things defensively. We took charges, moved our feet well... we did things to make it hard for them to score."

"There were a lot of positive things. It's frustrating for us. We have to find a way with eight minutes to go to be better than we were."

"We refer to that as a four-guard lineup with Cody kind of as the fourth guy. Offensively it helped us, but defensively it kind of put us at a disadvantage at times because one of those guys will have to guard an interior guy."

"I liked it. Maybe I stayed with it a little too long, but I liked that lineup at times. We'll see how it goes moving forward."

"He was looking to score, and I liked his aggressiveness."

"We came on the road against the third-ranked team in the country and with eight minutes to go we had an eight-point lead... now how do we get better?"

"We know we have a tough one coming up soon, and we better get ready for the next one real fast."

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