Williams Talks Wolfpack Offer

Riverview (FL) wide receiver Terence Williams talks about the NC State offer he earned last summer at camp.

2016 WR Terence Williams has made a name for himself in more than one sense. NC State’s coaches know all about him and so do the coaches at other schools. The more he plays the more praise tends to follow.

Williams (6-1, 185 pounds) changed his name from Terence Verriett a year ago but that isn’t the only big change in his life over the 12 months that just passed in 2014. He switched schools moving from Jefferson High School to Spoto in Riverview (FL).

Before he even played a game for Spoto he visited NC State, Georgia, Clemson and North Carolina in the summer. NC State and North Carolina offered him after he visited and camp showings led to those offers. Williams has not talked to coaches from those schools much since the summer but he suspects that will pick up soon.

Truth be told it isn’t Williams’ stat line from his first year at Spoto that has him in the conversation for more offers. He was in a Wing T offense and his talents were often buried and tough to see as a receiver. He did rush for 600 yards in that unorthodox offensive attack so colleges were able to see what he could do with the ball in his hands even if he did not make many catches or score many receiving touchdowns. He did start at cornerback too so his talents have been on full display for a season. Four interceptions tend to stand out on film.

Change could be the theme of 2015 as well.

“I play receiver and cornerback now but this year if we don’t get a quarterback then I’ll have to start at quarterback.”

He does not seem to mind and with two offers there might not be as much pressure to stand out at receiver. Before next year he will probably step foot on many more campuses and camps will help too.

“I went down to NC State in the summer and I was there for the camp but I walked around the campus a little bit too. I did real good at the camp. I had no missed balls and I beat a lot of the DBs deep for a lot of stuff. That’s why I got the scholarship. I forgot the coach’s name but I really liked the wide receivers coach when I was working with the wide receivers. He was cool and the head coach was cool too. I got to sit down with him. I saw the field and we walked around the classrooms. We walked around and saw like where the student athletes study at. We saw all the trophies and awards they have. It’s a good place.”

Coaches cannot call high school juniors right now but as the pages on the calendar flip forward that will change. Williams said NC State is one of the schools he expects to hear from.

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