Glass: "That's Where I Want To Be"

2016 commit Tim Glass talks about his commitment to NC State and which school may be next to offer.

Tim Glass transferred high schools, changed positions and picked a college in 2014. Through it all he proved that he can adapt to circumstances. He also proved he’s a decent football player.

George Washington High School probably hated to see Glass go. He was a good linebacker for the school and stood to have a great close to his career in 2014 and 2015 there. Glass decided to transfer to Liberty Christian and with that change also came a change of position. Glass (6-2, 205) moved from linebacker to strong safety. The hope has to be that will help prepare him for NC State because the Wolfpack wants him to play safety.

Two months after Glass’ commitment to NC State and a few weeks after the end of his season he spoke about all of life’s changes.

“We had a good year. We only lost three games but we lost to two state championship teams and one other really good team. Things fell the way they fell. As far as the team’s perspective I feel like we did good because we had a lot of new kids including me. We were all kind of learning again. We fought well. I’m looking forward to this season and going to the state championship again.

“The biggest change as far as moving schools was the kids. The kids were different. I had to make new friends which was easy to do because there are very cool kids up here. The coaching style is different. The way we do things at Liberty is different. I adapted real fast. They taught me different things technique wise. It was a really good process up there. I can’t wait for this season.”

If anyone doubted that Glass could play safety before this year they probably don’t now. If they paid attention. Glass was first team all-state in his first year playing safety. At George Washington he was what he called a hybrid linebacker. In other words he had experience playing in coverage and that helped him this year.

“I feel I did really good in man coverage. I came up and made hits when it was time for me to make tackles. I made interceptions. I made plays on the ball. For it to be my first year playing safety in high school I did great. From a player’s perspective I feel good.”

NC State will probably put Glass at safety but they have even said cornerback is a remote possibility. Remote. It’s just a good sign that the coaches feel like he covers well enough to play corner.

Glass may have committed to NC State but there’s a long way until recruiting really ends. He said he expects Wake Forest to be the next school to offer. They approached him in December and got their point across. They like him and want to recruit him.

“I’m always open to listening to see what others have to say but right now I’m committed to NC State and that’s where I want to be. It’s been a few schools still coming after me. I don’t think they’ve necessarily backed off. They’re still coming.”

When Glass committed to NC State the football team’s outlook was bright. They were 4-1 with only a close loss to Florida State as a blemish. The team went on to lose their next four games and they would drop five out of six at one point. That’s a distant memory for fans and Glass alike.

“I was very, very impressed with how they ended the season. Coach Doeren and the other coaches really turned that program around. That’s what I want to be a part of. The way they played in the bowl game was very good. How they ended the season and finished strong really stood out to me. Plus the players we’re getting in from 2016 are really good. The players coming in my class are really good including myself. I feel like other teams better watch out.”
Glass was a second team defensive All-VISAA (Virginia Independent Schools) choice according to the Virginia Pilot. Before the last football season Liberty Christian had won three state championships in a row at that division so talk of another state title from Glass is not an empty boast.

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