Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the win over No. 2 Duke.

BeeJay Anya

"I know his game, and he knows my game."

"I just tried... I know one thing he likes to do is bury you deep."

"I just try to go out there as much as possible and battle with him."

"We got to a point in the game where he tapped me on my leg and I tapped him back on his leg. So you know, respect."

"I think it's our length. We're big and have lengthy bigs."

"We just tried to throw length at him as much as possible."

Trevor Lacey

"We all know what we can bring to the table. We just haven't figured out how to put it all together at one time."

"Duke, they are going to get everybody's best shot. We brought our best game and hopefully we can keep it together for the rest of the season."

"We know how BeeJay's wingspan can affect people."

"We were trying our best to limit his touches and keep the ball out of his hands."

"They made big shots down the stretch."

"We kind of got a little complacent towards the end."

Ralston Turner

"We play all our games to win. It's not like we go out there expecting to lose."

"I can't say I saw it coming, but when we play, we play to win."

"We'll enjoy this one today, but we got to get ready to play on Wednesday."

"Tomorrow we have to flip the switch and get our minds ready for Wednesday."

"It's the fact that we have another game. You have to let it go because anybody can beat you."

"We played together and we did a good job on defense."

"I feel like we did the best we could."

"We just wanted to try and find the shooters and get a hand in their face."

Kyle Washington

"I'm just proud of all our guys."

"We can play like that every game."

"It was a little surprising... it really helped me."

"I wanted to prove to my teammates that I wasn't going to shoot every time. I had to take smarter shots because I've been guilty of that in the past games."

"Getting us in a position where we can score. You see how effective BeeJay is."

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