Gottfried: "I'm Really Proud"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Duke.

Mark Gottfried

“Let me start off and say that I’m really proud of our team, and I think we beat a really, really good basketball team. Duke is a tough team to play against because of their three-point shooting and because of Okafor inside."

"I’ve watched a lot of college basketball, and I haven’t seen a guy like Okafor in a long time at our level. He’s different. He forces you to do so many different things defensively. They’re obviously a terrific team.”

"I'm really proud of our guys."

"It was a terrific defensive effort."

“We’re used to seeing Trevor make big shots, and we’re used to seeing Ralston make big shots, but we got production from our interior guys which changed our team."

"It takes pressure off the perimeter to score. BeeJay was fantastic in there. Kyle had some great passes as well as Malik and Lennard. We got great offensive production from our interior which was really big from our team today.”

“It starts with balance. We had a lot of nights this year where we haven’t had that inside-outside balance. We’ve had so much pressure on our perimeter guys to score, but today we scored 87 points because we’ve got a number of guys scoring. It changes our team.”

“Though we’re not there yet, we have the potential at times to be really good defensively. We have quickness, and we have some depth. I thought today, especially BeeJay, Kyle and Malik, we protected the rim. We had some great blocked shots when they drove the ball to the basket. Today is a day we can build on to give us a little confidence, and hopefully it will help us as we move forward.”

“Cody was fearless, and that’s the one word I would have to describe him. He has no fear whether it’s taking the ball to the basket, blocking a shot, getting the rebound, or running the floor. I thought he did a great job."

"He’s an example of a guy that’s hung in there, kept working every day in practice and gets himself noticed every day, and he responded really well today. I thought he was kind of that X-factor for us."

“When they made their run, they did a great job, taking nothing away from them, but there was no doubt in my mind that we really took our foot off the pedal. We became way too conservative too early."

"I could see in our guys’ minds that this game was won, and we’re just going to try and get it up the floor, but we still needed to play the game. I thought that we really pulled back, and we needed to keep attacking them and keep playing."

"I think we were able to recover, and the good thing was that we had a large enough lead that we didn’t lose all of it."

"We got the ball inside and our big guys were productive."

"I thought that helped us today. It gave us balance but also had them a little more concerned with how they were going to defend around the rim."

"Hopefully we can build on where we're getting that balance."

"We stunk against Cincinnati. We went to Virginia and played pretty good for about 35 minutes... had the lead and were right there."

"With the Pittsburgh game, Virginia, and this one, I could see our team getting a little bit better and more confidence."

"There aren't very many easy nights to play in this league."

"It's a part of the turf. You have to step up and respond, and our guys have accepted that challenge. We have to see if we can play well on Wednesday."

"You have to pay attention to him on every possession. He's that talented."

"They started Winslow instead of Amile and we felt like we could go inside a little easier."

"I think he's as good a guard as there is [in the ACC]. I've watched Trevor so long... I even thought his potential and ceiling was so much higher than he even played at his previous school."

"He is, to me, one of the best guards in the country."

"BeeJay in there, he can get you thinking once or twice about taking the ball in there."

"He's got that knack. He has that instinct to block shots in there. I thought today he did a great job."

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