Gottfried: "It Is A Big Game"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against UNC.

Mark Gottfried

"I have been asked the question, ‘Is it tougher to get your team to bounce back after a tough loss or a big win?’ and I don’t know the answer to that question. Our guys have to get over the fact that they have been congratulated about five hundred times over the last two days and make sure they are ready to play, which I think they will be."

"I think every team is different, every player is different. Okafor is such a central figure in what they do there. We look at Meeks and Brice Johnson. Those guys have really improved. They have gotten to where they have been really effective scorers. We can’t afford for those guys to just have their way inside. We have got to be creative. Some of the things we did in the Duke game may carry over for us but we have to have some other things ready as well to combat that."

“I think our defensive pressure has been pretty good, especially the last three games."

"When you think about three-point shooters, my mind goes directly to Paige. He is unique. He scores. He scores a lot of different ways. He’s scored against us a ton."

"Even if we are not allowing them to score inside we have to have an awareness of where he is. I think there will be a lot of people, I think Cat will have a big challenge in that regard, but I think we’ve got a number of different guys to put on him and give him some different looks."

"I think with Trevor sometimes it is just get out of his way, and that includes me. I have got to get out of his way and let him play."

"I’ve said it many times, one thing about Trevor is he has a history, and I have watched it prior to here, where he makes big shots, timely shots. I don’t think that is something that will go away. I just think that is who he is."

“It is one of things. We’ve talked about [facing full-court pressure] a lot. We have talked about where we want to have guys on the floor but at the same time we have got two really good ball handlers most of the time in the game in Trevor and Cat."

"So, it is something that should not bother us. We are prepared for that if North Carolina wants to do that. We have seen that so much this year, we should be getting better at that now."

"It is interesting. Obviously when the arena is sold out it is a different feel and there is electricity in the building. I am one of those guys that I am thankful for what we have. If there is 15 thousand in there for me I am excited. I have had some really good teams that have not played in front of big crowds like that. We have got great fans."

"For us it is interesting. It is the next game. It is a big game. It is North Carolina. It is big for us, it is big for me, and it is big for our people. We are just approaching it like that. I don’t care where it ends up in our schedule; we are going to be excited and ready to play."

"Here is the thing for us; we have had a history here when we beat North Carolina or when we beat Duke of not playing well in the next game. That history started long before I came, but it has been a part of things. It has to change at some point and we have to take ownership of that."

"We have got to take pride in the fact that we have to be better. We had a nice win against Duke, and we have to turn around and play whatever that next team might be. It so happens that it is going to be North Carolina."

"After North Carolina, we have got Florida State... which won’t be an easy game. They are all tough, but we have to find a way to turn that trend. It starts Wednesday night."

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